2 detained for creating fake fan page on social media of Gujarat assembly speaker, fooling people


Vadodara’s cybercrime arrested two people on Wednesday, both from Haryana, for allegedly setting up a fake social media account, “Rajendra Trivedi Fan Club,” and demanding money from unsuspecting supporters of the president of the State Assembly.

According to the police, Premal Modi, Trivedi’s assistant, had approached cybercrime on February 4 after it emerged that the impostor’s account had demanded money to the tune of Rs 15,000 from subscribers, to be paid on a mobile phone number via telephone payment services. .

The defendants, Bholeram Sharma (30) and Manmohan Gupta (34), residents of Palwal in Haryana, allegedly committed a series of financial frauds using more than 800 mobile phone numbers, police said.

The modus operandi used by the men was to open bank accounts on behalf of other people and offer them 5% commission on the money collected by sending fraudulent messages on social networking sites that are deposited into the accounts of These persons. To hide their identities, the duo gathered a large stash of SIM cards from various states and used them depending on which state their next target belonged to.

Police said the duo created several fake fan pages or accounts of well-known public figures and committed similar offenses. The Crime Branch found 800 cell phone numbers that the duo had so far used to commit such crimes and raise money.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Crime Branch Jaydeepsinh Jadeja said: “Based on the technical investigation into the number mentioned in the fake fan page created by the accused, we have traced them back to Palwal in Haryana. Combined with human intelligence, we first arrested Bholeram and he took us to Manmohan, also a resident of Haryana.

Modi, in his statement to the police, said: “On Thursday I was present at Rajendra Trivedi’s office when several of our friends started calling me and told me that a fake fan page on the networks. social workers, who also used a profile picture of Trivedi saheb, had requested financial assistance of Rs 15,000 via a telephone payment application. When we verified the claim, we realized that a fake fan page, resembling our official page, had been created. There were also some abusive messages sent from this fake profile to people.

Vadodara’s cybercrime has laid an offense against unidentified persons under Articles 499 of Indian Penal Code (libel), 504 (provocation to break the public peace), 120 B (criminal conspiracy) and also under the Law on Criminal Law. information technology 66 (c) for fraud or dishonesty. use of electronic signature and identity, and 66 (d) for cheating by impersonation using computer resources.
Jadeja added that the duo will be officially arrested after mandatory Covid-19 test reports are negative.


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