5 Easy Steps to Create a Great Facebook Fan Page

Appeal to your target audience

Facebook fans are clearly willing to support you because they associate your business with their personal profile. The more appealing your page is to your target demographic, the more those people will want to join and be part of the community.

The The adidas fan page is a good example: their visually appealing and ever-changing page is a natural extension of their brand: laid-back, cool, and edgy. Therefore, Adidas fans feel comfortable being associated with the Adidas Facebook page.

Start a debate

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Start a discussion on a hot topic, relating it in some way to your business. Everyone has something to say and wants to be heard, so why not give them the platform to engage? And when people participate in an online debate, they tend to come back and check other answers.

Ask for feedback

Question for investors, will it all blow up and is Toyota cheap.

Fans feel more connected with a company when asked for their opinion. You can ask fans for feedback on things like a product, service, or your website layout. It’s also a great forum for getting real-time personal feedback.

The Red Bull fan page is a good example of a business using fan input to create a dynamic page that stands out from other business pages.

Update with photos, videos and original content

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Original and interesting content will keep your users coming back to see what’s new, so update and refresh often. And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially online. Facebook users love insane eye candy that provides a momentary distraction from the tasks of the day.

Create an incentive

Flickr Christmas present: http://bit.ly/8w2CPm

People flock to fan pages that give them a reason to go: a sale, free products or services, and contests. Word of mouth is powerful on Facebook. If you offer something exclusive that people are interested in, they will want to access it.

A good example: Adidas partnered with MTV to create an exclusive Facebook contest where the winning fan received an all-expenses-paid house party. Unsurprisingly, the response was staggering. In this case, Adidas wisely partnered with a brand popular with one of its target demographics (and also one of the biggest demographics on Facebook) and offered a price that that specific demographic would appreciate. Additionally, he heavily promoted the contest on his fan page before and after. He incorporated new blog posts, photos, and videos throughout the contest, and then the winner contributed to the page to keep the dialogue going. This strategy has made people more aware of what the brand offers and how it takes care of its fans.

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