5 Harry Potter Fan Fictions Better Than “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”

We won’t spoil the plot if you haven’t taken a peek, but you’ve probably heard that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is essentially bad Harry Potter fan fiction. There are time-turners involved – of all the great things Rowling has created, they picked the one with the most potential for plot holes – mistaken identities, and long lost secret children. The whole is unhappy. And of course the defenders say it looks better on stage, but for many fans, the paper version is all they’ll get. But if there is one good thing to come out of it, it is that while bad fan fiction is now canonized in the Potter universe, it also leaves the door open to Well fan-fiction.

Although it is interesting to wonder if Cursed child It would seem less bad if Harry Potter fanfiction hadn’t become so prevalent in the years between the books and the play, the point is moot. There are currently over half a million Harry Potter fan fiction works – and that counts just the two most popular sites, Fanfiction.net and Archives of ours, not other sites exclusively devoted to Harry Potter fanfiction. This means that not only is it statistically possible that there are better fan fictions than Cursed child, it’s almost guaranteed: Cursed child does not have to smear history.

here is five which are better than Rowling’s latest work.

5. This one on Andromeda Tonks and the Youth of the Black Family

Why is it better than Cursed child: Of all the legions of fascinating characters that inhabit the Potter universe, Cursed child makes the most boring selection possible to focus on: Harry’s son, Albus. Oh, is he having trouble with Harry as a father? Try to have Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy as sisters and Sirius and Regulus Black as cousins. Tonks’ mother, Andromeda, grew up with Bellatrix and Narcissa as sisters and yet she ran away and married a Muggleborn. Why did they swallow the pureblood rhetoric and she escaped it? There is a story the. It says so. Also in The order of the Phoenix, Sirius mentioned that Andromeda was his favorite cousin – so although we only briefly see her as an older woman in Deathly Hallows, you know she must have been a ballerina in her youth.

4. This story about Ron and the Weasly family after the war

Why is it better than Cursed child: Cursed child picks up nineteen years after the war, but what happened right after? He skips all the good stuff. This is not the case. This story follows what happens to George without Fred, how Hermione dealt with the psychological aftermath of her torture, how Harry and Ginny got back together after a year apart plus Harry faking his death, how Ron ceased to be a crap and grew up on top. He doesn’t pass when everyone is a downcast bureaucrat, but follows them when they are young adults with varying degrees of post-war trauma. It also provides a logical backstory as to why Ron and Hermione named their son Hugo. Because there is no logic in it.

3. This story about Lily and James and the Maurauders

Why is it better than Cursed child: By choosing Harry’s children, Ron and Draco, Cursed child chooses the wrong generation to focus on. The Maurauders’ story literally has all the elements of a good story: a dramatic love-hate relationship that puts any romantic comedy to shame (Ron and Hermione’s feuds have nothing about Lily who downright hates James during years, and Rose and Scorpius have parents who don’t like each other is also a big yawn compared to that) a deep friendship (of course Harry stays with the Weasly a lot but Sirius does Lives with James when he runs away from home), betrayal, mischief, war brewing and tragic death. The books have spent far too little time on the Maurauders, and the films have disconcertingly cast off parental age actors – defeating the tragedy’s purpose that Lily and James almost have the same age as Harry when he sees their ghosts in “The Forest Again.” The previous generation is a much more compelling goal than the next generation.

2. This What if Voldemort had won The final battle

Why is it better than Cursed child: Cursed Child can provide guesses through his crazy days, but you know what’s more interesting than “What if Ron and Hermione never got together?” What if Voldemort wins the Battle of Hogwarts? This story imagines a world where Voldemort has a nightmarish totalitarian regime over London, Harry, Ron, Hermione and his followers hide in the mountains, taking their time, and Hermione is enslaved by Death Eaters for years before escaping and living in forge an unlikely bond with Draco Malfoy. Yes, this is one of the those stories, the genre that has a pairing that makes no sense in the original, but somehow that story makes it plausible. This border V for Vendetta scenario makes a “what-if” much more dramatic than Cursed childtime loops.

1. This one on what was happening at Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows

Why is it better than Cursed child: Harry puts the whole series at the center of the story. Like most fantasy heroes, that means he’s not the most interesting character (see: Frodo, Katniss, Luke Skywalker). A follow-up story could easily have centered on Neville or Luna; shined the spotlight on a more interesting secondary character instead of engaging in more of the same. Corn Cursed child did not. This story, however, follows what happened with Neville, Luna, Ginny and the others as Hogwarts was in chaos and ruled by Death Eaters for Deathly Hallows. Because everyone knows who the real hero of the story is.

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