9 fanfictions every K-Pop fan should read


Countless times, I have wondered what life would be like if I was the heroine of a K drama. The creative and ambitious writers of many fanfictions have made every fan girl’s fantasies come true in which people all over the world can dive into.

Check out this list of my 9 favorite fanfictions that everyone should read I think! These stories are not in any particular order.

Miss wanted

With : Teen Top, OC (original character)

Written by: dbskgirl4ever

The description: Six young convicts join forces to prove the innocence of a girl in the name of friendship and love.

Why should you read it: Unlike most fanfics where the main character is helpless and naive, Minseo knows exactly what’s going on in her situation as she carefully plans her revenge. This story has both an interesting plot that is revealed more and more with each chapter as well as a heartwarming love line surrounded by the many individual stories of the different characters.

Read it here

The dull

fanfic 4

With : L infinite, OC

Written by: Goddess

The description: When there are two sisters, one is necessarily not so pretty, not so interesting, not so attractive, not like everything. When two sisters are reunited and it is not you who shine, what happens?

Why should you read it: If you are looking for a light and cute read, this is the story to read. While the plot might seem cliché in the sense that the main heroine is the unattractive younger sister of the Queen’s older sister, as L falls in love with Lee Jaekyung, you realize more and more that at the end of the It is not the physical appearance that matters!

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The only

fanfic 3With : Jackson from GOT7, OC

Written by: Loviet

The description: Wolves mate for life. Werewolves mate for eternity. What happens when a wolf doesn’t want to mate?

Why should you read it: I love werewolf stories only because I’m a sci-fi geek and hopeless romantic. However, there are many werewolf stories that feature EXO. This fic was one of the few GOT7 fan fiction that I couldn’t let go. It was refreshing to see a male main character refuse to be part of the very traditions that keep him alive!

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The Diary of a Dead

fanfic 2With : Chanyeol from EXO, Baekhyun from EXO, OC

Written by: Exoism

The description: Song Joori receives a diary from a boy who loved her. Capturing ? He is dead.

Why should you read it: It’s definitely a story that made me cry here and there. The relationship between Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Joori (OC) is so heartbreaking yet intriguing. If you’re looking for a reason to shed a tear, this story is for you!

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It’s a hip-hop world, baby!

Zico 1With : Zico from block B, OC

Written by: dbskgirl4ever

The description: Your dangerous life gets out of hand when seven boys who call themselves Block B walk into your life. Not to mention your five overprotective older brothers.

Why should you read it: To date, this story is one of my favorite fan fiction. The interactions Block B has as older brothers are hilarious and adorable. dbskgirl4ever does a great job of highlighting each character’s personality without losing sight of the main story. So how do you say no to the one and only ZICO?

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Love among the elites

fanfic 1

With : Jaejoong from JYJ, OC

Written by: dbskgirl4ever

The description: Four elites. Three best friends. Two people who can’t stand each other. A crazy arranged marriage.

Why should you read it: Another story from dbskgirl4ever! This story does a great job of bringing together all of your favorite dramatic characters. Hyun Bin of “Secret Garden” and Lee Dong Wook of “Scent Of A Women” are described as your rich best friends in this story. The author also does a great job of implementing parts of the actual drama into his own story! So if you are a fan of both “Secret Garden” and “Scent of A Women” and fancy being a part of this elite world, I would totally recommend this story.

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Red skies and royal maps

fanfic 6

With : EXO, OC

Written by: Wynter

The description: What happens when you are thrown into a world and a war you never knew existed?

Why should you read it: The EXO fandom is certainly one of the most creative fandoms. When I first read this story, I was blown away by the creativity behind this plot. The fact that EXO is portrayed as warriors that reside in collectible cards was something I would never have thought of. Well done to all the EXO fans who are so creative!

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Two moons

fanfic 7

With : EXO, OC

Written by: Sabou

The description: In our world there are only masters and warriors. Who do you belong to?

Why should you read it: This story also has magical warriors controlled by powerful masters. However, unlike Wynter’s story which focuses more on the friendships between Warriors and Masters, this story is more of a reverse harem plot.

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How can it be him

bts 15

With : BTS V, OC

Written by: Black yellow

The description: Tomorrow was going to be your first day of school … when you hear that two new boys are also going to be transferred to your school. If you had to choose, you would choose the second boy. But fate arranged for you to be with the first one.

Why should you read it: I haven’t come across a lot of BTS fanfics just because the EXO fandom is so big and I usually end up reading anything in the newer category. However, this story is unforgettable! The mix of humor and romance creates the perfect symphony that will have you laughing all to yourself. If you are a huge BTS fan, I would definitely put this story in my favorites!

Read it here

Have we got all of your favorite fanfics? Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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Update: This article has been updated to remove a link to a popular EXO classic fanfiction “Anterograde Tomorrow” because the author has made the story private.

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