Adele fans are unhappy that ticket resale sites are offering 2022 Las Vegas residency tickets for up to $ 36,000


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that of Adele Residence in Las Vegas is the subject of all musical performances due to the high ticket prices currently through ticket resellers.

Reseller sites offer Adele Premium tickets for TEN THOUSANDS

At present, primo seats – in the front orchestra section – number in the tens of thousands, with the most expensive tickets being in rows A of 104 and 105. With a limited number of tickets remaining, they vary between 31 $ 749 and $ 36,569.

Adele fans are unhappy that ticket resale sites are offering 2022 Las Vegas residency tickets for up to $ 36,000

On top of that, the remaining tickets for these shows are a package deal where they are only available if you purchase two. So you’re looking at a little over $ 73,000 in some cases.

The rest of the ticket prices are a bit higher than expected, but not far from what headlining acts attract for a Vegas residency. At the lower end are some sections of the first and second mezzanine – the highest parts of a venue – which hover below $ 2,000 but are also part of a two or four chord. seats.

Note that these can be found on resale sites such as Adèle-Tickets. Tickets were purchased from reputable ticketing sites. Originally, those same tickets were going for hundreds of medium to high before the Ticketmaster fees. These sites bought the tickets at these lower prices and took them to the extreme.

Fans took to social media to voice their thoughts on the price hikes. One of my favorites is the user @Traciii_ who posted:

“Trying to decide who are the Christmas presents I can return so that I can buy Adele tickets instead”

Her post was accompanied by Adele’s meme doing her AMA. Watching Twitter from the start of the presale until now is a timeline of anticipation turning into annoyance, anger, and mockery of yourself and the situation.

Their wait in the queue continues when scalpers or resale sites would have had the chance to buy a ton of tickets to turn them around for massive price spikes.

A Who’s Who of residency royalty

Adele will join a flagship company such as Queen of Residence Celine Dion and other performers such as Elton John and Britney Spears who were pulling in the middle of six figures between $ 539,000 and $ 654,000 depending on the artist and period of residence. .

To chalk it in millions, during its 2003-2007 A new day Residence at Ceasar’s Palace, Celine Dion grossed $ 485 million adjusted from 714 shows. When she came back for Celine which was a regular show between 2011 and 2019 for 427 shows, the Canadian singer pulled in nearly $ 300 million.

British star and music legend Elton John has raised over $ 200 million for his The red piano residency which took place between 2004 and 2009 and a little less than 250 shows.

Adèle’s residency will be shorter, from January 21, 2022 to April 16, 2022.

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