Adorable Pokemon Fan Art Imagines Quaxly’s Floofier Version

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan creates an amazing piece of art featuring Quaxly in an even cuter form than the original.

pokemon scarlet violet quaxly water starter duck

While Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been busy reinventing the proverbial Pokemon stealing and dominating Switch sales, Game Freak apparently worked on Pokemon scarlet and violetwhich will be the next two entries and mark Pokemon9th generation of games. Not only have Pokemon scarlet and violet have been announced, but they have also been confirmed for release later this year, capping off a year that has so far redefined the Pokemon gaming experience.

Along with the announcement that the games will arrive later this year, Pokemon scarlet and violetThe starters of were also revealed, and many believe they are 3 of the cutest starters in franchise history. The starters are Sprigatito, perfectly described as a Grass Cat Pokemon; Fuecoco, a fire crocodile that many believe looks a lot like an apple; and Quaxly, the Pokemon duckling who sports hair that some fans directly compare to JojoThe bizarre adventure of Josuke character.


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As is often the case with the reveal of new entrants, the information spread across the internet like wildfire. Fans immediately took to social media to talk about the starters and say which ones they would choose when the games launched. Also, even though it’s only been a few days since the announcements, fans are already proposing potential Pokemon scarlet and violet starter evolution fanart.

Along with the art of potential evolutions, some fans create different versions of the starters themselves. In the same vein as the fanart of Pokemon scarlet and violetQuaxly along with other duck Pokemon, Reddit user shunixe decided to reinvent Quaxly in an incredibly similar, but much more “floofer” form, adding to the already large amount of fan-likeness felt towards the duck Pokemon. The artwork focuses heavily on Quaxly’s eyes, hair, feathers, and feet, rendering the Pokemon in incredible detail.

However, shunixe didn’t stop there and decided to make a similar piece for the Sprigatito grass cat starter. Like Quaxly’s floofier design, shunixe focused on making Sprigatito cuter and fluffier, adding details to his eyes and hair. Many fans said the piece was so great that it tipped the scales in favor of Sprigatito, saying they would choose the grass cat as the starter. Indeed, while there’s been a lot of love for Quaxly and Fuecoco, fans like the one who created a Gen 5 sprite animation for Pokemon scarlet and violetSprigatito’s also put the type of grass in the spotlight.

While the games create a lot of hype themselves, fans and artists like shunixe help bring Pokemon in the public eye as well; It serves to bring the Pokemon closer community as well as creating a conversation around games. Plus, with a fan doing the same creating the art of the 3 Pokemon scarlet and violet For starters, I hope it’s only a matter of time before Fuecoco is added to shunixe’s collection of cute pieces.

pokemon scarlet and Purple are due out in late 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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