Adorable Pokemon Fan Art Shows Baby Lapras Meets Mew

In 1998, the first Pokemon the games hit store shelves in the United States. The game introduced players to the original 150 creatures and gave them the task of catching them all as they battled gym leaders around the world. However, it turned out that there was a 151st Pokemon to get in the game.

In games, Mew is a Pokemon that is very difficult to obtain legitimately. Mew can be used in Pokémon Sword and Shieldeven if only by means designed for the Pokemon: Let’s Go Games. Lapras was also somewhat difficult to find in the original games and can only be obtained when an NPC offers one to the player for helping fight Team Rocket. Thanks to their adorable design and rarity, Mew and Lapras quickly became fan-favorite Pokémon.


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In the past, fans have created artistic homages to both Mew and Lapras. One fan, for example, made an impressive paper figure of Mew and Mewtwo. Lapras has also seen his fair share of fan art, one creating a low poly statue from the Pokemon. In a recent post, Reddit user Piinl shared some of his art on the Pokemon page depicting parent Lapras, his child, and a curious Mew, the latter encountering the baby in a cave.

The artwork almost looks like a screenshot from a game or one of the animated movies. Like his Pokemon: The First Movie In contrast, this version of Mew appears curious and playful with baby Lapras responding happily. Mother Lapras appears to be watching approvingly as light shines from an opening in the cave. The photo was met with overwhelming approval in the comments section.

after a long time Pokemon developer Shigeki Morimoto, Mew was added to Pokemon at the last second. As a result, the character lacked the same narrative depth as other Pokémon. The creature’s full backstory would eventually be fleshed out in the 1998 film, Pokemon: the first movie, where the character was described as the strongest and rarest of all Pokémon. Similarly, Lapras were also rare in the original games, with the species nearly hunted to extinction. From Pokemon Sun and MoonLapras is no longer an endangered animal in the franchise.

From the origin Pokemon Red and Blue, Lapras can be captured, gifted, or purchased in every major franchise installment. Mew is also available in many Pokemon games, but the methods to get the legendary creature are a bit strange. In pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl Mew can only be obtained if the player has a certain set of saved data from the Pokemon: Let’s Go Games. However, as long as Game Freak and Nintendo continue to produce Pokemon games, fan art that depicts both Mew and Lapras will likely continue to be produced for many years to come.

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