Amazing Elden Ring Fan Art Combines ‘Let Me Solo Her’ and The Shining

An Elden Ring fan shows off an amazing piece of art that combines the Let Me Solo Her character with The Shining movie.


Let Me Solo Her has become something of a legend in the Ring of Elden community. Ever since the player was first introduced to the public through an online story, it has exploded in popularity among players of the game.

Let Me Solo Her got this attention from Ring of Elden players for being able to take on the toughest boss in the game, Malenia, without taking any damage. The player is able to do this while carrying only a pot on their head, and it has become well known to the point that many players create artwork and memes about the player.


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A Redditor passing by handle Apprehensive_Emu7227 drew a humorous piece featuring Let Me Solo Her. The piece uses a famous scene from the film the brilliant and places the player there. The result is a great parody that encapsulates the experience players have after summoning the Ring of Elden player known as Let Me Solo Her.

In the article by Apprehensive_Emu7227, Elden Ring’s Malenia takes the place of Shelley Duvall in the film’s iconic scene where she tries to hide in a bathroom of Jack Nicholson’s character. The door has been replaced with the fog door that players must pass through to enter a boss arena in Ring of Elden and shows two passing katanas instead of an axe. We then see Let Me Solo Her’s potty helmet through the fog, just like Nicholson’s character does in the film.

Although some gamers say they’re tired of the Let Me Solo Her memes, many find Apprehensive_Emu7227’s cartoon funny. Fans love the reference to the brilliant and I feel like the parody is pretty well done. A joke that FromSoftware needs to make Let Me Solo Her canon or part of the DLC for Ring of Elden. A few players commented that this was the best player-focused meme so far, stating that Malenia’s facial expressions in the drawing were spot on.

Apprehensive_Emu7227 isn’t the only one with some awesome Let Me Solo Her fan art. An artist by the name of Lautaroart has drawn an amazing black and white piece of the player, in which Let Me Solo Her sits in a resting position with his two katanas on either side of him. Smoke surrounds the player and his arms are covered in blood, which most likely belongs to Malenia. The design is a large piece dedicated to Let Me Solo Her and is an example of the status the player has achieved in the Ring of Elden community.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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