Amazing Overwatch Fan Art Shows Mei Fighting Team Fortress 2’s Pyro

An Overwatch fan shows off a stunning piece of artwork featuring in-game character Mei taking on Pyro from Team Fortress 2.

Surveillance released in 2016 and maintained a fanbase throughout its run. Players are still tuning in regularly as they wait for the second entry in the series, helping to keep Blizzard’s shooter alive. Surveillance is still going strong and will likely continue when the sequel finally drops.

The popularity of this game has led to some awesome fan art based on Surveillance. Pieces include mashups with other franchises as artists blend the shooter with a number of different series, including other popular FPS games with iconic characters that many gamers will recognize.


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An artist known as RoyalAstray has posted fan art on Reddit that features Mei from Surveillance fight against Team Fortress 2 pyro. The art looks like it was ripped from a comic book as Mei leaps over the plume of fire Pyro shoots at her. RoyalAstray’s design features a nice amount of detail, from the glow in Mei’s gun to the reflection seen in the mirror in the bottom corner. The artist states that they originally drew the artwork in 2018 and it took them five days. The piece has a bit of weight and intensity, and will likely appeal to fans of either Surveillance Where Team Fortress 2.

RoyalAstray’s artwork has won fans, with many saying it’s a great design and they love the amount of detail that goes into it. A number of commentators said they wanted a real crossover between Surveillance and Team Fortress 2, with a fan mentioning that they would kill for an official comedy miniseries showing the two face off. There was a bit of debate in the comments over who would win the battle, though Mei seemed to get the majority of votes. Regardless of who would win, the piece is amazing and is a great homage to both series.

The drawing RoyalAstray did of Mei and Pyro isn’t the only great mash-up featuring the shooter. A Redditor by the name of Em1liath caught Echo from Surveillance in the manner of adventure time. The colorful piece shows Echo jumping across a field with a smile on her face. Her limbs are detached and she now sports a skirt with a fiery flame on top of her head. Em1liath has also added BMO to the job, which is holding a bouquet of flowers for Echo. The design is incredibly cute and does a good job of bringing Surveillance in the world of adventure time.

Surveillance is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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