Amitabh Bachchan shares fan art made by fan with differing abilities on Instagram

It’s no secret that veteran actor of Indian cinema, Amitabh Bachchan, is followed by many fans. In his latest Instagram post, the 78-year-old actor shared a special fan art. The actor received his portrait from Aayush, a fan with different abilities. Aayush used his feet, while lying on the ground, to paint the crisp portrait of Big B.

The fan-created painting depicts the usual Sunday atmosphere outside Bachchan’s residence in Mumbai, Jalsa. Before the pandemic, fans of the actor gathered in front of Jalsa to catch a glimpse of him. Bachchan used to come out of his house and greet the great gathering and express his gratitude. This was the subject of Aayush’s painting which was shared by Bachchan on his Instagram account on Sunday.

The actor complimented Aayush by writing in the caption, “Aayush, of varying abilities, painted with his feet, misses the Sunday sympathizers at Jalsa Gate and remembers the visual he witnessed. The Miracles of the All- Powerful, he takes, but he also gives.

The Instagram post shared by the actor has been typed twice by more than 4,37,456 users since it was shared on the social media platform. Many users have shared their reactions to Aayush’s talent. As one user described it as “stunning” while another called it “beautiful”. One of the actor’s supporters commented, “Awesome gift from Almighty God.”

In a previous article, Bachchan had expressed his desire to meet his fans as they do every Sunday. The edited image shared by the actor depicts him kissing the crowd of fans who thronged outside his residence. The words in the photo read: “Missing Sunday Darshan”. Captioning the message, Bachchan said, “Thank you all. Yes, when will those Sunday supporters in Jalsa come back.

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Bachchan is currently hosting the 13th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

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