Ana de Armas viral fan page returns, account owner explains why it got deleted

The viral fan account created for Ana de Armas is back on Twitter after being disabled just a few days ago.

The account made headlines earlier this year for the funny tweets they wrote about all the time. Ana was spotted by paparazzi. In April, they revealed that Ana in fact blocked the account on Twitter, which further increased the number of followers on the account.

The account owner posted a statement explaining why the page was deleted.

“This account has always been one of absolute support for Ana de Armas. This account wouldn’t exist in the first place if I wasn’t a fan of his. Let me point out that: I am a fan of Ana de Armas“, began the statement.

“The past few months have been a whirlwind since I applied a tone of constructive criticism to the candid photography posts. That tone was so that I could take control of a narrative, even if it isn’t mine to begin with, and let it be known that as a Ana de Armas fan, I am aware that she should not have allowed herself to be described by the paparazzi in an unfavorable light in our present time, ”the statement continued. Additionally, this tone has also been used to highlight its platform’s inaction for social causes that require attention. There has never been any malicious or damaging intent with my account; was just trying to express my frustration that my idol could improve and become a better public figure.

“For the sake of my sanity, I purposely disabled this account for a little break. It got to the point where there was hatred coming from all sides. For the first time ever, I felt my account was a bubble of hate – even directed at me, personally, as the account owner. Nonetheless, I want to take responsibility for the indirect nature of my posts allowing a breeding ground for intimidation, misogyny and hate speech in relation to Ana in the comment sections for her public behavior, especially regarding the relationship in which it is now, ”the account owner said. “I condemn all of this, and I hope that if you follow this account it is because you are a fan. In the future, I will be careful what I post on the account, because I understand that not everyone share my sense of humor and that this account is clearly related to how Ana de Armas is seen by others. The mission of this fan account is not to demolish her, but to celebrate and respect the Golden Globe nominee and the movie star. Ana from Armes. From now on, I will make sure to maintain it. “

You can go follow @ArmasUpdates now on Twitter!

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