Animal Crossing’s colorful fan art captures Blathers’ love of fossils

Colorful new Animal Crossing fan art has perfectly captured Blathers’ love of fossils, depicting the owl as literally starry-eyed.

A new piece of animal crossing The fan art perfectly captures museum curator Blathers’ love of fossils with colorful detail. The popular owl has been a regular character throughout the franchise, alongside other popular personalities like Tom Nook and Isabelle. While the quirky owl tends to stay alone in the local museum, his fondness for knowledge, rocks and interesting sea creatures has endeared him to many. animal crossing Fans.

Blathers is a familiar face to all animal crossing player, having made regular appearances since the original GameCube title. A keen intellectual and scholar, Blathers runs the town museum, accepting donations from players to fill the exhibits with all that the natural world has to offer. wild world builds on that, introducing Celeste, Blathers’ astronomy-loving younger sister, and her good friend Brewster, another fan-favorite character. Of course, Blathers doesn’t really enjoy every part of his job; the poor curator is entomophobic, that is to say he has a strong fear of insects. As a result, any player wishing to complete the museum’s exhibits will have to terrorize the Blathers with their collection of bugs in the process.


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from Twitter Kiana Mosser recently released a piece of fanart celebrating Blathers in all his intellectual glory. The colorful artwork shows the longtime curator standing in the lobby of his museum as he examines a fossil. Although there is a look of extreme concentration on his face, Blathers has starry eyes, which potentially bodes well for the donor who requested the appraisal. The night sky reflected in his eyes matches the purple tone of the classic round placeholder, which every fossil in the game appears as when first collected. The slight incongruity of this detail is most amusing with the larger fossils, which still appear to be pocket spheres despite potentially being much larger than the player character.

Animal Crossing NPCs like Blathers are great for colorful artwork

It should be noted that even though animal crossingis entirely virtual, it has real educational value. The exhibits are based on existing insects, fossils and fish, with Blathers’ commentary on each new discovery drawn from their real-life counterparts. There are over 200 exhibits in New Horizonswhich means that players can accumulate an impressive amount of trivia about the natural world just by playing the game. Further building on this potential for education, it was recently announced that there will soon be a official book based on animal crossing‘s museum, which aims to strengthen the impact of the digital institution.

This piece of fan art really exemplifies Blathers’ enjoyment for what he does. The starry-eyed expression, which evokes a deep sense of wonder, shows the audience how much he loves the fossils he keeps. The image captures Blathers in his element, without fear of detracting from the excitement of a new discovery to be added to the museum’s collection. The soft yet bright colors that Kiana Mosser similarly used help make the curator extremely cute as he reflects on his latest acquisition. The overall effect is very warm and cozy, making for surprisingly soft and colorful fan art for everyone. animal crossing fans to appreciate.

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Source: Kiana Mosser/Twitter

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