Arvind Kejriwal shares AAP leader’s fan page claim that Rishi Sunak was emulating ‘Delhi model’

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has courted controversy for falsely claiming that British PM candidate Rishi Sunak has pledged to emulate the ‘Delhi model’ if elected to the bench. power. He shared a claim made by an AAP leader’s page that Rishi Sunak is going to follow the so-called Delhi model.

In a tweet on Thursday, August 11, he posted the link to an article from a website named “”, which claimed that the “Kejriwal model” was on display during the British Prime Minister’s campaign. The archived version of the tweet is accessible here.

Said article said Rishi Sunak has promised to help UK residents with their electricity bills amid rising energy prices. News24India was quick to link him to Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘free electricity’ stipend and how he helped the Aam Aadmi party win elections in Delhi and Punjab.

Screenshot of the report

Logical error in linking Rishi Sunak’s promises to Arvind Kejriwal’s gift

The Delhi government had previously launched a “scheme” in which all households in Delhi get “free electricity” if the monthly consumption is less than 200 units. In case the bill exceeds 200 units but remains within the 400 mark, households also receive compensation of ₹800.

Although the plan was initially touted as encouraging households to use less electricity, it actually worsened the power crisis in the nation’s capital.

“Data from the Ministry of Energy showed that Delhi, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Punjab and Bihar faced the worst energy crisis. Most of it can be attributed to these state governments’ promise of free electricity to citizens,” said a report in Business Standard indicated.

Arvind Kejriwal shared the controversial News 24 article at a time when his government decided to end the free electricity scheme. Earlier on May 5, he said“From now on, cheap electricity will be optional in Delhi. That is, if an electricity consumer wants electricity subsidy, he will now get free or subsidized electricity.

He further added, “An electricity subsidy will be given to those who apply for subsidized electricity from October 1.” On the contrary, Rishi Sunak had advocated £5 billion exceptional tax on energy companies to help relieve British residents following rising energy prices (caused in part by the Russian-Ukrainian war and Western sanctions).

“The oil and gas sector is making extraordinary profits, not because of recent changes in risk-taking, innovation or efficiency, but because of soaring global commodity prices due in part to the Russian war,” Sunak had said earlier.

In such circumstances, the candidate for the post of British Prime Minister had promised offering £400 off monthly bills from October as part of a relief package for UK residents facing a cost of living crisis.

It cannot be compared to Arvind Kejriwal’s free electricity program in which loss-making discoms were deliberately designed to bear the most losses at a time when electricity prices were low.

News24 India does not appear as a legitimate news portal

Apart from the obvious logical error, the website that published the article shared by Arvind Kejriwal seems fishy. It was first underline by Political Kida. Visiting the website of the supposed “news channel”, we came across the link to their Facebook channel. News24India also claimed to be an independent news portal.

Screenshot of News24 Infia website

Interestingly, the Facebook page of the news portal was previously called “Dimple Singh Fans”.

Screenshot of News24 Infia’s Facebook page

Coincidently, Dimpal Sing happens to be the vice president of the Uttarkhand unit of the Aam Aadmi party.

Screenshot of Dimpal Singh’s Twitter profile

A simple glance at the website of “News 24 India” shows that its main focus is the state of Uttarkhand. While it’s unclear whether the “news portal” is part of the AAP’s IT cell or run by AAP supporters, Arvind Kejriwal amplifying the stories published by it certainly raises concerns. doubts.

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