Auto songs disappear from internet streaming sites


One of the most iconic choruses of the mid-2000s, but The Automatic’s greatest success, as well as the majority of their back-catalog, is in jeopardy.

The South Wales rockers, who slowly passed away in 2010, have left a lasting legacy, in the form of one of the most catchy songs of recent times – Monster.

Despite being 15 years old at this point, he is still well known and has continued to rack up millions of plays on streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music, a subsidiary of iTunes.

However, in the last few days – it stopped, because the track, as well as The Automatic’s debut album – Is nowhere accepted, has disappeared.

In a situation highlighting the dangers of online streaming versus physical media, the entire album has largely disappeared, without warning or explanation.

It’s a new blow for fans of the group Cowbridge, because their second album, This is a fix, suffered the same fate some time ago.

Now only their third and final album remains, Destroy the signs, as the only album remaining online.

Having been released by a different label than the first two, this offers some clues as to why this remains, while the others are gone.

Can we expect to see them restored?

Since The Automatic’s end, the original band members who have remained have largely drifted into less rock and roll lives, founding families and finding jobs.

But, being outside the industry, he has made efforts to get his music back online more of a challenge.

Addressing the situation, former drummer Iwan Griffiths revealed that at one point a box was left unchecked and album licenses were allowed to expire.

Continuing, he said they are currently looking for the person “who has the power to press the button” to bring the songs back to playlists around the world.

In a message to fans, he said, “Over the past few years our songs have disappeared from almost every streaming service.

“It has something to do with license expiration and label buyouts. Somewhere among all of this, all of the boxes that need to be checked for things to replay have not been checked.

“We are currently doing everything we can to find the person who has the power to push the button and collect the songs.

“These days we’re just a few guys with jobs and families and general life stuff so things take a little longer to sort out than if we had people from management and the world. music to help us understand this stuff.

“We hope for good news soon, and you will all be the first to know when we get it.”


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