Awesome fan art combines Monster Hunter and Horizon Forbidden West

A fan art decides to create fan art that reimagines what an Alatreon from the Monster Hunter games would look like in Horizon Forbidden West.

Awesome fan art combines Monster Hunter and Horizon Forbidden West

It’s hard to deny monster hunter and the Horizon are 2 of the most popular video game franchises. Although there are differences between these hit series, they share similar themes. Specifically, both players must take down dangerous monsters, albeit in mechanized forms in the Horizon Games. Recently, an artist decided to blend these two worlds into one stunning piece of art.

In a Reddit post, shunixe shared fan art based on monster hunter and Forbidden Horizon West. According to the artist, they wanted to create a monster that combined elements from both franchises. The results of this project have been impressive. In the image, the Reddit user used an art style similar to that seen in Forbidden Horizon West to create a mechanical version of a beast that resembled Alatreon, an ancient dragon from the monster hunter series.


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One of the highlights of the design included the metal panels that covered many parts of the creature’s body. Despite this mechanized look, he had dragon-like features seen in his monster hunter design, like a pair of massive wings. In addition to this, the beast featured horns attached to its head and had a long pointed tail. Additionally, the design featured an elegant white and blue color scheme with gold and purple accents mixed together.

While this new fan art of an Alatreon mecha is undoubtedly impressive, it’s far from the only artwork designed by shunixe. There are plenty of other creations by the artist featured on Reddit for those who want to see more. Among the artwork, they posted images of crosses between Pokemon and monster hunter. For example, they redesigned what a Garachomp might look like in the world of monster hunter. Each of these designs had the same level of detail seen in the Alatreon mecha artwork.

Since the publication of this impressive fan art combining monster hunter and Forbidden Horizon West, many fans of both series noticed the design. With over 3.1,000 upvotes in the monster hunter subreddit in just a few days, many were impressed with the attention to detail. Some people liked the design so much that they wanted a Forbidden Horizon West crossover to come to monster hunter games in the future.

It will be interesting to see if shunixe decides to create more creatures based on the monster hunter series in this mecha form seen in the Horizon Games. Or maybe they will choose to take new machines seen in Forbidden Horizon Westlike the Slitherfang, and make organic versions of them in the art style seen in monster hunter.

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