Batgirl channels Adam West in new fan art

Batgirl meets Adam West in new fan art by comic artist Patrick Zircher, which is inspired by an iconic LIFE magazine cover from 1966.

New fan art featuring bat girl is inspired by Adam West and its portrayal of DC Comics’ Dark Knight. Comedy artist Patrick Zircher shared a beautiful and fun take on the heroine, while returning to some iconic imagery. While Gotham City is often portrayed in a dark and gritty way, its heroes always have plenty of joy and smiles to share with fans.

Adam West’s portrayal of Batman in the 1966 TV show is one of the most iconic, especially given the alternate, darker tones provided by his successors in the vigilante role. It was distinctly bright and goofy, which is part of its core charm. This also makes him a benchmark among Batman-related media, as few film and television adaptations or comic books use the same tone for the character. Seeing this influence brought into the current era with a more modern Batgirl look is incredibly fun.


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At TwitterPatrick Zircher shared an illustration of Batgirl, inspired by an issue of LIFE magazine from 1966. The issue’s cover features Adam West wearing his signature batsuit. This fan art from the talented comic book artist channels the positive, campy vibes of the show and performance. Barbara is beaming as she stretches out her cape in an equally elevated pose.

Batgirl appeared in Batman (1966), however, her look was different from her modern day. Barbara’s costume had a brighter purple tone with a thicker, more visible utility belt. Her cape was always yellow, although Batgirl had undergone many cape modifications over the years. Also, her cowl in this fan art is more similar to the modern style, with less division between cowl and mask like Yvonne Craig’s depiction. Barbara also swapped her purple heels from the 1960s costume for her modern boots adorned with yellow bats. The same goes for her gloves, which are yellow instead of purple, matching her 60s costume. This illustration is beautiful and cheerful, showing Batgirl’s fun side while bringing together the best of Batgirl’s looks throughout years.

Patrick Zircher has provided artwork for many Marvel and DC Comics, including some work on Birds of prey. He mainly worked on action comics, Cable and Deadpool, and New Warriors, as well as various questions for The new 52: the end of the future, green arrow, Nightwing, Iron Man, Thunderbolts, and Pontoon, among others. The Batgirl fan art is gorgeous, and it would be truly amazing to see Zircher illustrating the heroine more. Barbara is a stunning heroine with a long comic book history and plenty of skills, making her a great fit for additional – or even alternate – portrayals in the comics. bat girl has been amazing in many comic book eras and blends well with various era inspirations because it Adam West Inspired by the Batman era fan art amazingly shows.

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Source: Patrick Zicher

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