Batman and Superman families swap costumes in adorable Halloween fan art

Batman, Superman, and their families get ready for Halloween by dressing up for each other to celebrate the spooky season in adorable fan art!

Batman and the rest of the Bat-Family are more often than not at the center of many DC storylines, something the Superman The family takes the opportunity for their Halloween costumes! When a hero dresses in a costume all year round, a holiday like Halloween may lose its luster, but Superman and his friends and family decided to take the opportunity to dress like another. group of heroes to celebrate the spooky season in adorable fan art. Also, if one had to dress like any superhero group for Halloween, the Bat-Family is probably the best choice.

Responding to the call of the superhero dress up challenge, the Bat-Family in turn decided to dress up as the Superman Family for Halloween. Ironically, Batman and the others use the Spooky Holidays as an excuse to brighten up their wardrobes, each choosing a Kryptonian hero to pose as them.

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In a user’s Reddit post tea leaf With credit from letmediealone and vipadfai, the DC fan posted the artwork of the Batman and Superman hero groups swapping costumes for the Halloween season. Two separate photos have been released, the first being the Superman Family dresses up as Bat-Family and the second being the opposite. The first photo shows Superman dressed as Batman, Connor Kent dressed as Red Robin from Tim Drake, John Kent dressed as Robin from Damian Wayne, Krypto the Superdog dressed as Bathound Ace, and even the Aberrant Bizzaro dressed as a black sheep from the Bat-Family. the Rouge Hood aka Jason Todd. Apparently in response to their sleight of hand, the Bat-Family participated in the costume swap. Batman is disguised as Justice Lord Superman, Dick Grayson is disguised as classic Superman, Tim Drake as Conner Kent Superboy, and Damian Wayne as John Kent Superboy.

The adorably spooky fan art is both light Halloween fun and deeply rooted comedic references in one. The pictures also show how Batman and Superman the families are with each other, showing how intertwined their lives have become through the references in their costume choices and how good friends they are for making the Halloween costume change in the first place. More than anything, the fan art shows that while there are two separate families dressing up, in reality, they are two separate images of a large family of DC superheroes celebrating Halloween together.

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Source: tea leaf

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