Best cricket venues in 2021

Have you ever sat down and amazed at how much commentators know about the players and the teams while you watch a cricket match? Some of the stats they have are from ten years ago, when a player was hitting their first six.

You could be the king of cricket quiz nights if you had a handful of their knowledge. Well you too can be as knowledgeable and show your friends by following some of the best cricket websites.

These contain all the information you need about the current game and the stats of the matches your parents watched in their youth.

Better yet, you can make good use of your newfound knowledge when you visit the 10CRIC cricket betting site and make more informed bets.

Four cricket venues to watch

The popularity of cricket is increasing and tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL) are attracting more and more fans. There is a lot to follow, and there are plenty of sites that offer good sports analysis.

We’ve combed through various sites and put together a list of the top four that will make you feel like a seasoned cricket analyst.


In 1993, before the Internet was the global phenomenon it is today, ESPNcricinfo was started by sports media conglomerate ESPN. This is a website dedicated to giving you the latest news, live updates on current matches, various articles related to cricket and the StatsGuru, a well-compiled database of historical statistics on the game. and the players.

What to expect

As soon as you open the website, you will see a status bar at the top with live updates of matches taking place on the same day. From today’s results to live coverage and upcoming matches from various domestic leagues and international tours.

It has an easy-to-navigate interface and an app that you can download on IOS and Android, so you won’t miss any action while you’re on the go.

On the left side of the homepage, a great touch is a list of all current key series and all upcoming ones. And underneath are all the links to the social media sites.

For expert analysis you can trust, ESPNcricinfo is one site you want to try.


How not to be fascinated by this name? The original pun in the title is everything we ever wanted to see in the name of a cricket website. It combines the famous call call “Howzit” with “Stat” which the site talks about and provides you with the best and most comprehensive cricket statistics.

What to expect

They call themselves “the statisticians of cricket”, and we cannot dispute that as they defend this wicket well with full statistics on almost everything and everything to do with cricket.

There’s a tab on the left side of the home screen with all the stats you can think of, from batting stats to wicket stats and various tournament stats.

The site appears to be bundled with a lot of information and links to various articles. It also has a simplistic look and design. What energy they could have saved on the layout design, they of course put into the overall data collection.

And to make you want to know more, they have a link tab to the “HowSTAT Quiz”, where you can test your knowledge of the game.

This is one site that you don’t want to ignore when it shows up on your search tab.

Best cricket venues in 2021


Cricket 365 is one of 13 popular sports websites owned by 365 Media Group. The company has websites dedicated to different sports, allowing each sport to have as much coverage as possible without sharing the spotlight, like on a sports news channel.

Basically you get a third umpire who you can send a referral to that will give you pure, good cricket analysis.

What to expect

At the top of the home screen you will find tabs for cricket news, live cricket score, IPL news, team news and depending on the most important current tournament / round; you will find tabs for that. Currently, the site follows the Ashes closely.

Underneath is another navigation bar, which caught our attention the most. It has tab links to different players from different countries making the most noise in the game. Clicking on a player’s name will take you to a page with various related articles.

Cricket365 doesn’t have as comprehensive a collection of statistics as HowSTAT or ESPNcricinfo, but what they do offer is a wide array of news articles and covers on the game and aspects of the game that will keep you well informed. .


We saved the best for last. Whether you’re following the Big Bash T20 tournament in Australia or the Lanka Premier League or more inclined to international cricket, Cricbuzz has it all.

Owned by Times, Cricbuzz is your one stop shop for all things cricket. Think about a tight field, and the bowler throws a ball without a ball that you can still hit over the limit, and you always have a free kick coming after that.

This is what Cricbuzz is for the cricket fan looking for the best cricket blanket available.

What to expect

Right off the bat, the top of the home screen looks like a giant dashboard, which to us is pretty cool. The site is clear and simple and easy to navigate.

There is a navigation tab under the main tab which shows all the matches of the day along with the scores so that you can easily follow the progress of the matches. Clicking on any of them will take you to the more detailed live courage of the game.

Above is a navigation tab that is roughly the same as the matches shown, but with less detail. And what’s remarkable is that if you can’t find the match you are looking for, you can click on the “All” tab which will allow you to scroll through all the matches taking place on the day in the world.

On the left of the screen you have all the latest cricket news which is constantly being updated, and scrolling down you will find in-depth articles on different aspects of the game.

Cricbuzz is the most balanced website for your cricket information needs.

End of the game

So whether you are new to the game or consider yourself a versatile player, we have found some sites for you that will keep you informed and entertained and hopefully enrich your post cricket experience.

You will not be amazed in any quiz with these sites in your canoe.

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