Big Think’s Facebook fan page hacked and sends horrible spam

UPDATE: Kenroy George, a Big Think fan who we’ll be forever grateful to, helped us get Facebook’s attention on this. We deeply apologize to all the fans who were confused and outraged by the nasty stuff populating our Facebook feed since late last night, and thank all of you who retweeted this post and shared it in the comments. on our (formerly hacked) FB page. There’s a lot more to say about that in the coming days. During this time all junk files have been removed and we are back online.

Friends of Big Think,

Late Wednesday night Eastern Time, the Big Think staff experienced a very (and literally) rude awakening. Through a flurry of loyal fan emails, text messages and phone calls between us, we all learned that our fan page had been hacked and was spamming the Facebook feeds of 1.3 million people both minutes with extremely disturbing content that is largely sexist and/or sexual in nature. Worse still, we quickly realized that everyone at Big Think had been removed as account admins, and we had no way back.

Several members of staff, including myself, spent much of the night trying to find a solution. Internet threads reveal that many others have found themselves in a similar situation, and that Facebook offers few formal remedies beyond submitting a report ticket online and waiting for a response. . We did, we tweeted on Facebook and the FB publicity team, we reached out to a friend on Facebook, and we even wrote to Superhacker Kevin Mitnick, a former Big Think interviewee, in hopes of quick resolution. As of 9:00 a.m. EDT, we were unable to plug the leak or regain control of the page.

All of us here are horrified by what happened. Obviously, this type of content couldn’t be further from what Big Think – an educational forum for the brightest minds on the planet and a company deeply dedicated to inclusivity – is or wants to communicate to our amazing readers. on the Internet.

And they (you) are amazing. Since this leak began, many of us here have received extremely helpful email alerts from fans, all concerned about what this means for Big Think and its audience.

We are not naive. We know people don’t want their Facebook pages flooded with disgusting spam, and many will like the page before that’s over. But our site and our YouTube channel are stronger than ever, and we won’t rest until the Facebook page comes back to life. And we will take all available security measures to ensure this never happens again.

And if you know of any smart and quick solution to this problem besides those mentioned above, we would love to hear from you. Seriously.

Thank you to everyone who enjoys Big Think’s articles and video interviews. Please wait with us and we’ll let you know when everything is back to normal.


Jason Gots
Editor-in-Chief, Big Think

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