Borderlands 3 fan shows off fantastic Moze fan art in Atlas Gear

A talented Borderlands 3 fan presents his illustrations of Vault Hunter Moze, the character wearing gear entirely based on Atlas.


The range of Vault Hunters in Borders 3 has proven to be incredibly popular with the franchise community. Moze is no exception, with the Gunner recently showing some love through a cute piece of Borders 3 fan art that combines some of his different looks.

While it’s more common to see artwork centered around Zane or FL4K, Moze still receives quite a few pieces from time to time. The final image was taken by Reddit user AlohaLohi, with the fan sharing some truly unique art based on the character. Along with a cartoon art style that offers a unique color palette and gives Moze big eyes, the talented fan has chosen to present a look that is very different from her default appearance.


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Not only is Moze’s Iron Bear robot nowhere to be found, but Private Vladof’s original helmet is also missing. Instead, the Borders 3 fan chose to capture a combination of Moze’s regular body and Disciples of the Vault head. As a result, Moze sports Mohawk-like hair alongside an intimidating metal face mask. The rest of her outfit is similar to what one would expect, with a tattoo visible on her abdomen and a large armored shoulder pad worn by the character. However, the specific choice of the head is not the only peculiarity of this Borders masterpieces.

In addition to all of the red skin as opposed to Moze’s default green color, players will find an Atlas belt buckle on the Vault Hunter. An Atlas symbol is also visible on its small shoulder pad and knee pads, ensuring that the Borders gunmaker is featured prominently in this work of art. With the title of AlohaLohi’s post confirming that the piece was a commission, it’s possible that the person who originally requested the art was a huge Atlas fan.

Atlas was a crucial part of the original Borders game, with the company expected to play a major role in the live action as well Borders movie. Following Tales from border countries, Rhys turned Atlas into something better than before, with players working closely with the company in Borders 3. With unique weapons and a charismatic figure at the helm, it’s no wonder someone particularly loves Atlas. With some players even doing brand loyalty games where they only use Atlas pistols, many have attached themselves to the weapon maker.

Considering that Moze’s story is deeply linked to the Vladof company, it is interesting to see them proudly represent another company. Although Borders fans will surely share more Moze art with the world in the future, this piece will likely remain one of the most unique.

Borders 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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