BotW’s Zelda and Elden Ring’s Malenia Merge in Epic Fan Art Crossover

Talented Artist AutomaticGiraffe Combined breath of the wildit’s Zelda with Elden Ring’s Malenia in a powerful crossover illustrating female power!

Since Ring of Elden released in February 2022, action RPG fans drew comparisons to Nintendo’s breath of the wild. While the two games couldn’t be more different in visual aesthetics or mood, they both feature vast explorable worlds and towering bosses. So it’s only natural that fans started creating their own versions of a Breath of the Wild / Elden Ring crossing.

Artist AutomaticGiraffe (@AutoGiraffe on Twitter) is one such fan, transforming BotW’s Princess Zelda into a mighty warrior inspired by Malenia!

Ring Elden | Story Trailer

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Ring Elden | Story Trailer






Originally posted on Twitter on April 21, the AutomaticGiraffe fan art has gone viral and has also spread to the r/gaming subreddit. Dubbed by Redditors “Zelden Ring”, AutomaticGiraffe transforms Princess Zelda into Zelda, Blade of Hylia.

Now taking inspiration from none other than Elden Ring’s Malenia, Blade of Miquella, AutomaticGiraffe has given Zelda a FromSoftware makeover. Armed with a massive sword and a winged helmet similar to Malenia, Zelda becomes a mighty warrior worthy of facing Radahn.

Overall, Malenia has become well known for being one of FromSoftware’s toughest bosses. His healing ability combined with punishing attacks leaves little to no openings, making for an incredibly difficult fight. Although Princess Zelda doesn’t quite have the same reputation, she is a powerful ruler in her own right.

Plus, the strong climax adds a sense of royalty, capturing both Zelda’s royal status and Malenia’s strength. Seeing the two together, it seems only natural that they would be combined – both are characters tied to the fates of their worlds, facing off against another rival ruler.

To see more beautiful artwork from AutomaticGiraffe, follow them on Twitteron their Twitch channel or on their online store!

Lately, Ring of Elden is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. However, if breath of the wild is more your style, find out on Nintendo Switch!

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