Breath Of The Wild Pixel Fan Art Creates A Stunning SNES Style Splash Screen

A talented pixel artist has reimagined the Zelda: Breath of the Wild splash screen for the SNES, featuring Link and Zelda looking through Hyrule.

A talented pixel artist and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan has created and published an animated wallpaper that reinvents the breath of the wild splash screen for the classic Nintendo console, the SNES. BOTW may have come out decades too late for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but creative gamers have since reinvented new games with the beloved pixel and retro flair.

Although breath of the wild released half a decade ago, fans of the Zelda franchise are more passionate than ever, and display that passion not only in the form of fan art, but also by showcasing gameplay that features creative and often hilarious new ways to defeat enemies. breath of the wild is highly praised not only because of its lush graphics but also for its playability. Players who have already beaten the game’s storyline can often return to the title and find new discoveries, large and small, that they previously missed. It helps to keep BOTW a must-have game to this day, and its expansive world is still keeping a lot of people busy waiting for the release of Breath of the Wild 2.


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Although it is not the first breath of the wild animated pixel art of a fan, 1ITZAHThe magical SNES splash screen serves to create a sense of nostalgia for fans who remember playing titles such as A link to the past when it was first released in 1991. Although breath of the wild features plenty of combat and action, it’s often seen as a game that fits into the comfortable genre that 1ITZAH certainly exudes in its art. As Link and Zelda watch the duel peaks as the sun sets, the master sword is placed at the hero’s feet as the animated wind gently passes. Although the “flashing”press Startat the bottom of the screen suggests that Link’s adventures have barely begun, the splash screen leaves the viewer feeling like all is well in Hyrule. Zelda the creator’s art also pays homage to the best of the series, including Ocarina of time.

BOTW remains one of Zelda the most talked about titles in the franchise, but for many longtime fans, these are the pixelated games in the series that are often remembered most fondly. While Nintendo no longer uses a pixel-art style to create its newest Zelda titles, there’s certainly still inspiration in the simplistic yet delightful graphical style that’s now more often used to create indie games than AAA adventures.

Zelda fans are some of the most creative in the game, often designing not only their own unique fan art, but also plushies, clothing, cosplays, and sometimes even their own characters. Interest in video game demakes – fan projects that reimagine new game releases with a retro flair – continues to grow, and it may not be long before artworks like those of 1TZAH become relaxing and beautiful. The Legend of Zelda SNES fan game.

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Source: 1ITZAH/Twitter

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