Brendan Fraser Becomes A Firefly In This Batgirl Fan Art

One fan was eager to see Brendan Frasier as Firefly, so they created their own concept of what he might look like in the upcoming Batgirl movie.


Everyone loves a good comeback story. Whether it is an actor beating the odds to stage a triumphant return after years of abuse or Star wars somehow still survive after The Rise of Skywalker, there’s a bit of that good ol ‘outsider story that keeps audiences looking for more. So when Brendan Fraser was kicked out of public consciousness after his endless fun George of the jungle phase, it only made things even sweeter when he finally reappeared, ready to face the world again.

After enjoying a surprising and extended stint as Cliff Steele / Robotman in DC’s delightfully surreal HBO Max series Fate Patrol, Fraser gave the audience another pleasurable treat when he joined the cast of the upcoming Bat girl movie. Keeping things real in DC lands, he’s set to play incendiary villain Garfield Lynns / Firefly in the Leslie Grace-led movie, and it looks like fans are already excited to see where he goes with the character. Naturally, when the fans are excited, the fans make art, and this time it’s no different.

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Hungarian Photoshop artist m.design34 posted a concept piece on Instagram offering a glimpse of what Fraser could look like as a resident arsonist in Gotham City. The design itself is particularly inspired, taking inspiration from what appears to be a typical firefighter outfit while adding a Bane-style mask and plenty of burn scars to really amplify the villain’s flair. A burning building in the background also sets the scene, which certainly seems like the kind of place one would find that particular antagonist. At least it’s more likely than, say, an aquatic center.

The fireman style jumpsuit is an interesting choice. Little is known about Fraser’s version of Firefly at this point, so the doors are open to speculation and theories galore. His comic book version seems to focus more on a troubled childhood as the root of his fire-oriented tendencies, so an alternate take where he is possibly burnt and left for dead while working for the fire department could be news. interesting direction.

Of course, nothing says if the Bat girl The iteration of Firefly will take all liberties with its story, but one thing is certain: Fraser is back and ready to face the Bat. Well, at least one of the bats anyway. But who knows? Maybe if he’s popular enough (and he’s earned it, damn it), he could also make the jump to future projects with Robert Pattinson’s Batman.

Of course, this is all speculation. But at this point, what else is there to do? Fraser has been through a lot, faced abuse, and was forced to quit what seemed like a lucrative career. So there is nothing wrong with being optimistic about your future. He deserves a good job just as much as he deserves to relax with his Nintendo Switch. Either way, it’s bound to be a few fun years.

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Source: m.design34 | Instagram

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