Brendan Fraser’s Facebook fan page is the last pure place online

And if there was was a place on the internet where civility reigned? Where animated Nazi avatars didn’t descend like grasshoppers on any attempt at rational thought? A place where time stood still in 1999, and the only thing worth living and dying for is Aerial heads star Brendan Fraser? Friends, such a place exists.

In most circles, Brendan Fraser has mostly been overlooked, or at least pushed into the recesses of the brain until the need for a manic blow GIF arises. But for Adele Mellish, 30, and the nearly 23,000 members of the Facebook group Brendan Fraser 1968, the B-list idol of the early years has only gotten better with age.

Reading the page itself can be shocking. Where is the ironic distance? Random cruelty? Why is everyone so pleasant? None of this makes sense. Scroll deep enough for BrendanFraser1968 and you won’t just find adoration for a lovable goof that made Encino Man (almost) to watch. You find that rare slice of the internet where not everything is great all the time.

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About six years ago, Mellish noticed that the Bren-heads of the world didn’t have a dedicated space to congregate on Facebook, so she decided to do something about it. “I wanted to start a fan page for Brendan, mainly because he himself doesn’t have an official social media account,” Mellish said. “I feel like a lot more attention would and should be drawn to his work through a bigger online presence.”

This feeling has dissipated. Less than a year after the group’s inception in 2011, BrendanFraser1968 reached 2,000 members. About a year later, membership has soared to 14,000. Against even Mellish’s wildest predictions, Brendan’s stans keep pouring in.

Despite the explosive growth (and persistence problem of people who believe they are on the real official Brendan James Frasier page), the page has remained true to its core values. Then, as now, members primarily use the space to talk freely about their favorite Brendan Fraser movies (The Mummyusually), their favorite Brendan Fraser characters (George of the Jungle gets a surprising amount of play), and their favorite Brendan Fraser photographs (all of them).

Fraser’s photographs, in fact, make up the bulk of the posts, especially during months/years of slow news. Photos of Brendan Fraser in his prime. Photos of a more current and puffy Brendan Fraser. Photos of Brendan Fraser smiling. Photos of Brendan Fraser frowning. Photos of Brendan Fraser looking slightly to the left. More photos of Brendan James Fraser than you might have known existed.

And when a real lead role, non-cameo Brendan Fraser news finally surfaces – as it did when Fraser scored a role in the next FX series Trustor even the little seen this year Behind the curtain of night-members of BrendanFraser1968 tend to lose their shit.

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Actors attract legions of obsessed fans all the time. But Brendan Fraser, even in his prime, never had the same kind of esteem as other A-listers – so why him?

Fraser’s looks first caught Mellish’s attention, after seeing The Mummy in theatres. But then she got to know real Brendane. “As I got older, I appreciated his acting talent, which is still terribly underrated, and the kind of person he is,” Mellish said. “I always heard good things about him from people who had met him and from people who had worked with him on films. For me to be a fan of someone, he has to be a good human being.”

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