Can gold rush fans actually visit the dig sites?

“Gold Rush” is one of cable television’s most popular shows. It has legions of loyal fans, and as is usually the case with any famous series, fans want in on the action. ‘Gold Rush’ producer Ed Gorsuch spoke with fuzzy reality about the show, and at some point he started discussing how the miners themselves kind of became celebrities in their own right. This means that many people are willing to travel very far just to catch a glimpse of them.

Gorsuch said, “Really starting in Season 2, since he’s been in the Yukon, people have been showing up.” Despite the fact that the crews are in the middle of the wilderness, fans are still discovering ways to find them. And they just do it to see their favorite reality stars, as Gorsuch goes on to say, “There are people who show up just to see the minors. We’ve had families show up. We had a guy with a motor drive with his family from Louisiana.”

The producer also mentioned that the show had a large audience in Germany and the sites had received visits from many Germans. He summed it up nicely, concluding, “It’s a surprise to me that people are willing to take this trip, but it says a lot about the popularity of the show.”

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