Cyborg Spider-Man Springs Into Action In Amazing Fan Art

The high-tech variant of Spider-Man, Cyborg Spider-Man, swings into action in amazing all-new fan art that perfectly captures the epic character!

The amazing Spider Man entered the hearts of fans during his debut in Incredible Fantasy #15, and since then there have been countless iterations of the hugely popular character, including Cyborg Spider-Man springing into action in amazing new fan art. During the introduction of the Multiverse to the Marvel Universe, specifically the Spider-Verse, there have been a number of Spider-Man variations that push the creative boundaries of what comic book writers and artists can imagine. for the Wallcrawler, including two Cyborg variants. Spider-Man himself in Marvel Comics continuity. In this new fan art, an artist takes Cyborg Spider-Man into his own hands with a portrayal of the character as epic as ever.


Alternate Universe Version of Cyborg Spider-Man Made His Comic Book Debut Superior Spider-Man #33 by Christos N. Gage, Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli. In the issue, Spider-Cyborg is warned of the impending doom of all Spider-heroes across the multiverse at the hands of the villainous Karn by Earth-616’s Superior Spider-Man. Eventually, Karn battles Spider-Cyborg of Earth-2818, a battle the variant Spider-Man survives. Spider-Cyborg meets his end, however, in amazing spider man #10 when the Inheritors catch up with the fleeing Spider Heroes and he is killed by Daemos.

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In a Tweet from Briane Andan, the artist proves that Cyborg Spider-Man is alive and well in the minds of fans with some epic fan art. The artist’s simplistic yet detailed style portrays the variant Spider-Man in an action-packed pose, appearing to leap into battle with his high-tech robot arm ready to launch an attack against the threat he faces. It’s possible the artist will color it in the future, but otherwise it’s still an amazing piece of art as is.

While the version of Cyborg Spider-Man pictured above is the most recent incarnation of the character, there’s another one that was introduced long before the Spider-Verse storyline threatened in the comics. Spider Man #21 by Erik Larson. The original Cyborg Spider-Man was not a version of Peter Parker from another universe, but the main Spider-Man himself. Spider-Man was completed with cybernetic parts after nearly dying from an attack by the Sinister Six. Although short-lived, this version of Spider-Man was an epic deviation from the usual portrayal and has clearly left its mark on the fandom many years later since the character’s future redesign in Superior Spider-Man #33 to this amazing piece of fan art itself.

Briane Andan is no stranger to comics, and this Spider-Man variant piece isn’t the artist’s first time tackling the genre. On the artist’s Twitter page, there are a number of fan art pieces based on Marvel Comics characters, including Cosmic Ghost Rider and Daredevil. Cyborg Spider-Man is the latest in a plethora of amazing artwork suitable for any Marvel book currently being published. From Daredevil to Cosmic Ghost Rider, Briane Andan proves her skills in handling Marvel characters. That feeling is even truer with this latest Cyborg track. Spider Man which depicts the character jumping into action in amazing fan art.

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Source: Briane Andan

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