Destiny 2 Fan Art Imagines What Ada-1 Would Look Like As A Human

A talented artist creates a stunning painting based on Destiny 2 that imagines what Ada-1, an Exo gunsmith, would look like in human form.

Destiny 2 Fan Art Imagines What Ada-1 Would Look Like As A Human

Destiny 2 contains a lot of traditions. From the mysteries of the Vex to the dark history of Eris Morn, the game features many strange places with sometimes even more unusual characters. While traveling through these worlds, an intriguing character players are likely to encounter is Ada-1.

Originally human at birth, Ada-1 was the victim of the collapse. Fatally injured as a child, her mother was forced to transfer her consciousness to an Exo setting. While this saved her life, it also meant that she lost her human body. While Destiny 2, Ada-1 worked as a gunsmith in addition to being the head of the black armory. Recently a fan decided to imagine what Ada-1 could look like as a human.

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In a post on Reddit, a user known as thislexi shared an image he painted. In the photo, the artist had recreated Ada-1 as a human. While the artist recognized that Ada-1 was human as a child, they wanted to see what the character might look like as a human during the events of Destiny 2. While the character wore the same outfit as in her Exo form, she had a feminine face in this painting. Using shadows, the artist portrayed one side of the background as dark and the other as light, a possible reference to the character’s troubled past. Additionally, Ada-1 featured a short haircut, as well as black facial paint around one of her eyes.

Besides showing off this awesome fan art, this lexi gave fans more information about the process of creating the painting. According to the artist, they used Photoshop to paint the picture. Plus, they used brushes from Dave Greco and Aaron Griffen, as well as a few that they made themselves. To complete the entire image, the artist revealed that it took around 4 hours. Additionally, they recommended some YouTube tutorials from Sinix Design and Marco Bucci for those who want to do paintings like Ada-1.

The Destiny 2 community on Reddit enjoyed this new painting from thislexi. With over 2,100 upvotes in a single day, many fans were impressed with the level of detail displayed. Some fans even thought the human Ada-1 looked like Ana Bray, another Destiny 2 character. Additionally, others believed the image captured Ada-1’s depressing story.

In addition to this photo of Ada-1, other Destiny 2 fans create artwork based on the first person shooter. Recently a fan designed realistic renderings of Engrams in Blender. With many interesting characters to meet and exotic places to explore in Destiny 2, it will be interesting to see what types of fan art artists come up with next.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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