Does GamStop cover crypto sites?

UK online gamers have become familiar with GamStop mainly since it became mandatory in the UK-based gaming industry on March 31, 2020. When they feel the game is spiraling out of control, they sign up for this self-exclusion program to be banned from accessing all UK licensed gambling sites.

This biggest gambling blocker covers online gambling websites under UK Gambling Commission regulation i.e. sports betting, casinos, lotteries, horse racing, bingo sites etc. Since cryptocurrency has conquered its position as the most popular payment method used in the online gambling industry, does GamStop also cover crypto gambling platforms? The answer is no. GamStop does not cover crypto exchanges and non-GamStop casinos accepting UK customers as they are not regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. In our sections below, we will describe the best blockers for crypto fans and the type of sites covered by the GamStop exclusion.

Best Crypto Blockers


NetNanny is a blocking tool specializing in the prevention of gambling addiction in children and adults. Paid blocking software has been around since 2018 and has become a useful tool for parents to control their children’s internet activities.

Using this blocking and filtering software is easy, allowing parents to monitor and detect content from their children that may be harmful to them. As for bettors, after installing the tool, they will be banned from accessing the gambling sites of their choice.

Cold Turkey

ColdTurkey was originally created to block social networks like Facebook and YouTube. However, as it has proven to be an effective tool, this application has become essential in blocking online gambling sites.

The well-regarded site blocking software is free, allowing users to choose the length of their ban which obviously depends on their needs. In fact, those who escape excessive betting must install ColdTurkey and then choose the gambling sites they wish to leave temporarily.


Created in 2015, Gamban is one of the trustworthy game blockers which has been used by thousands of betting platforms and apps. This self-exclusion tool was launched by the famous non-profit gambling organization called GambleAware.

With this paid application, those who want to stop gambling must install it on their computers or mobile devices, and once it is installed, they will immediately no longer have access to gambling sites. Apart from being a renowned software for blocking gambling sites and apps, Gamban also provides support and assistance to addicted gamers.

Sites affected by GamStop


Visiting an online casino has become part of the culture of the British with hundreds of sites available there. As the competition between online casino operators is fierce, a wide range of casino games provided by the leading software has become the first requirement of players.

Websites that are full of safe and renowned payment systems are also alluring as they offer smooth and reliable transaction procedures. With a huge range of exciting features in online casinos, some aficionados cannot control their gambling behavior leading to gambling related issues. GamStop is ubiquitous across casino sites to help those who want to stay away from gambling.

Betting sites

Sports betting has been around for a long time and since being transported to the internet, it has become the main recreational activity there. The UK has the largest betting sites in the world with the largest licensed bookmakers that provide an exciting betting experience with their various features.

They also encourage problem gamblers to subscribe to GamStop and ban themselves from betting sites of their choice for 6 months, a year or five years. Horse racing and sports have been the most popular activities for more than three centuries, but other practices also win the hearts of bettors.

Lottery sites

The free GamStop self-exclusion service also covers lottery sites because, with their constant growth, some bettors are struggling with lottery-related gambling addiction. Despite the large selection of gambling activities there, the lottery has remained hugely popular with over 70% of Britons playing it regularly.

The lotto game is by far the busiest lottery as it is also available online, allowing bettors to have fun without having to travel to buy tickets. The best lottery websites offer a wide variety of lotteries which are bundled with various options to increase their chances of winning.


As the UK gambling watchdog has maintained high standards above all else for players to gamble in a safe environment, this policy has led the regulator to establish Gamstop. Now an official gambling self-exclusion program, GamStop is the premier physician for those who feel addicted to gambling.

In addition to this national self-ban program, other blocking tools have also expanded their reputation in the gambling market. These apps also cover crypto companies to help bettors control their online gambling behavior. Therefore, their choice depends on their needs but one thing is sure, they have a wide choice when it comes to gambling blocking tools.

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