Dragon Ball’s Frieza gets a mythic overhaul in jaw-dropping fan art

Frieza is easily one of the most terrifying villains in the entire Dragon Ball universe, he gets even scarier in jaw-dropping fan art.

There are few villains in the dragonball universe as wicked as frieza in terms of sheer cruelty, cunning and utter disregard for any life outside of his own. While he’s already portrayed as a terrifying cosmic villain, Frieza gets a mythic overhaul in jaw-dropping fan art that makes him even more vicious than he’s already proven.

In his first storyline, Frieza and his army invaded planet Namek in search of the Dragon Balls. Frieza hoped to wish for immortality so that he could rule the galaxy with an iron fist until the end of time. However, he didn’t count on the Z Fighters appearing, as even without Goku, Earth’s heroes proved to be formidable. Until then Frieza rarely fought his own battles, but in this case he decided the threat of the Z Fighters justified his involvement. While fighting them, Frieza shows off his incredibly high power level by transforming into a hulking version of himself, revealing Frieza’s monstrous second form for the first time. Whereas Dragon Ball Super proved that Goku shouldn’t have beaten Frieza, it was still an epic fight.


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In a Tweet posted by Justin96636, the artist reveals original artwork depicting Dragon Ball’s Frieza while the villain is in his second form. However, the illustration is done in a very different style than the original manga. In keeping with the artist’s established style based on the other fan art works on his Twitter page, this image is done in the Ukiyo-e style which is a most prominent genre of Japanese art from the 17th to 19th centuries. This artwork perfectly encapsulates Frieza’s malevolent nature by portraying him as something closer to a demon than an intergalactic dictator. Frieza’s teeth are sharp and jagged, his muscles pulsing as he twists into a powerful fighting stance, while engulfed in flames the better to capture the raw, destructive energy he harnesses. The artist had already made a piece illustrating Goku’s fight with Frieza in an equally mythical style.

This artwork perfectly captures the terror the Z Fighters felt upon seeing Freiza transform into this even more powerful and terrifying version of himself. When Frieza entered this next stage of his power level, he stood before a group of fighters who were way over their heads. At that time, Goku hadn’t arrived on Namek yet, and Vegeta wasn’t strong enough to stop his former master. While the Z Fighters held their ground against the Ginyu Force, Frieza himself was a different story. The odds of the Z Fighters defeating Frieza while the villain was in his base form were slim, but when Frieza revealed he was nowhere near showing his true power, those odds got even worse. As Frieza transformed into his second form – simultaneously increasing his own power level in the process – any hope the Z Fighters had of defeating him without Goku ran out and they found themselves standing before the creature that would surely kill them all. . The worst is that Dragon Ball Super would later confirm that it was not Frieza’s strongest form.

Based on the desperation and fear experienced by the Z Fighters, they might as well have been staring at a demon when Frieza unlocked his second form. In this fan art, the artist was apparently inspired by this fear as this depiction brilliantly depicts him as a hellish creature that seemingly cannot be stopped while paying homage to the origins of Japanese art from which eventually emerged manga and anime. . dragonballit is frieza gets a mythical revamp in jaw-dropping fan art, a piece that perfectly captures the kind of monstrous villain he turned out to be.

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Source: Justin96636

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