Elden Ring Fan Art Hilariously Captures Raya Lucaria’s Experience

Confronting the many learned wizards of Raya Lucaria can be a difficult undertaking for many Elden Ring players, and a recent meme highlights this fact.

yet another Ring of Elden meme has surfaced, making an astute observation about the game’s massive, diverse, and dangerous world, especially the wizarding academy of Raya Lucaria. Since its release, Ring of Elden has inspired countless funny videos, memes, and online posts with its unique design and signature high difficulty for FromSoftware titles.

Thanks to its extensive and dense map, Ring of Elden features a number of distinct regions, cities, and enemy types. If a player follows the main path set by the story, the second major location they will visit after Stormveil Castle will be Raya Lucaria Academy, an isolated school for those who study sorcery. As with just about every area of Ring of Elden, Raya Lucaria is filled with enemies looking to kill the player character. A particular threat is posed by the many wizards who roam the corridors of the academy, as they will cast devastating and rapid spells over long distances and often attack in groups. These innumerable enemies serve to protect Rennala, Ring of Eldenis the second major boss of, and any player who has visited this location will know them more than well.


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A Twitter user known as beauviolette recently shared an illustration that pokes fun at the arguably superpowered nature of these wizards. The image is titled “the moment I set foot inside the Academy of Raya Lucariaand depicts two such wizards holding a high-caliber mounted rifle primed to fire flickering stone-tipped bullets. Of course, firearms are not present in the world of Ring of Eldenbut this meme is likely referring to the fact that these enemies will primarily engage in ranged attacks and at a very rapid pace.

Depending on a player’s build, these enemies might not pose much of a challenge; if someone is playing as a character with very high inherent magic resistance (with magic resistant gear to boot), then those long range wizards can be a breeze. Conversely, if Raya Lucaria has high magic weapons, using sorcery or incantations as your main offensive option will not always be optimal, since the enemies in this area have high magic resistance themselves. This range of experiences is just one of the many ways in which Ring of Elden offers unique games to players.

The phenomenon of varied player experiences is highlighted by the beauviolette meme, as some players will relate to it while others will think Raya Lucaria is easier compared to other areas. These interpretations can even change within a player, as the game’s build diversity allows for vastly different playthroughs. Fortunately, Ring of Elden has a huge range of interesting areas to explore, so being region locked won’t be the end of the world for most players.

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Source: beauviolette/Twitter

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