Elden Ring Fan Art shows Ranni and Blaidd together

An Elden Ring fan shows off an amazing mostly monochromatic piece of art that features the two characters Ranni and Blaidd together.

Elden Ring Ranni and Blaidd

A number of artists have created stunning pieces inspired by Ring of Elden. The art direction and character design of the game lends itself well to giving players the ability to create many types of art around it.

Whether it’s exquisite paintings or wacky comics, fans of Ring of Elden exercise their imagination. This has led to very beautiful works of art dedicated to Ring of Elden, a game that has definitely left its place in the world of video games. This includes paintings dedicated to some of the game’s main characters in distinct styles.


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An artist by the name of Dino posted a painting they made of Elden Ring’s Ranni and Blaid. The painting is striking, especially with the intensity seen in Blaidd. The painting is also a bit bittersweet, as it’s just the moon princess and her trusty shadow alone together.

Dino’s piece is mostly monochromatic, with varying values ​​of black and white. The only other colors are the blue glow under Ranni’s hat and the red on Blaidd’s face. Due to the piece having only two colors, Dino’s Ring of Elden the painting captures a kind of gloom that may reflect Blaidd’s sad fate.

Dino’s piece is getting a lot of love from fans. Many call the painting beautiful and stunning, and many remark on the effectiveness of the colors used. Some comments that these are two of their favorite characters from Ring of Elden, helping to make the design a bit more meaningful. There were comments showing sympathy for Blaidd, with one fan stating that at least he did a good job until the end. One fan even asked if Dino could do a miniature of Ranni now that they’ve done the painting with her and Blaidd.

Dino is not the only one to make illustrations of Elden Ring’s Ranni. An artist by the name of RedEyesRagdoll drew an adorable comic showing Ranni with a double neck guitar. In the comic, Ranni first looks at the guitar reluctantly, then uses all four of his arms to play both necks of the instrument at the same time. She starts banging her head so hard that her coat and hat fly off. RedEyesRagdoll even includes a few small but great details, such as the runes embedded in the guitar necks and the fact that Ranni is wearing a shirt with Pink Floyd’s album cover. The dark side of the moon. Artists such as Dino and RedEyesRagdoll not only show a love for Ring of Eldenbut especially for Ranni herself.

Ring of Elden is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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