Elden Ring Fan Art Shows Rykard, Ranni, and Radahn Reunited

Ring of Elden The lore is full of significant factions and events, though with demigods making up a good portion of the main bosses, it’s no surprise that fans find them interesting. A creation Ring of Elden The player clearly loves the kids of Radagon and Renalla, as they shared some awesome artwork of the three siblings getting together for a family photo.

Although they are siblings, it would be difficult to establish a connection by taking a look at the characters. The only thing that really connects them is their lineage and their names beginning with the letter R, as Radahn, Ranni, and Rykard have surprisingly different appearances and backstories. For those who want to see art featuring a general wielding gravity magic, a gigantic cross between a snake and a man, and an idealistic woman who has taken the form of a doll, a recent image should do the case.


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The piece in question comes from the talented Twitter user @Moni95424940, who created and shared other Ring of Elden art in the past. According to the artist, this is a colored version of a previous work, and it looks amazing. There’s a lot of detail to appreciate in the image, from the red hair on Radahn’s armor to the various scales on Rykard’s body. The eyes look especially good on Rykard, while Moni also manages to bring out Ranni’s shiny half.

There are a few elements that stand out from the piece, the most obvious being the cheerful tone. This is significantly different from what is usually seen in the Ring of Elden world, because Lands Between is as dark and twisted as the worlds of other FromSoftware titles. Despite this, the family members seem happy to be reunited, especially Radahn and Rykard. While seeing Radahn with a smile is quite a change, Rykard throwing up a coin sign and sticking his tongue out is even more memorable.

The other memorable thing about the play is that each character’s scale is appropriate, meaning Rykard towers over Radahn and Ranni is tiny compared to his two brothers. In fact, the four-armed witch rests on Radahn’s shoulder for the piece, which adds to the cute nature of the image. Unsurprisingly, the Ring of Elden The community loves the lighthearted illustrations, with nearly 25,000 likes on Twitter and many upvotes on Reddit. As for the comments, praise for the entertainer was seen alongside jokes about how Rykard says “family.”

With other fans of game creation Ring of EldenThe demigods fight, it’s fun to see an image that casts a few of them in a new light. Since the characters never reunite in-game, art like this is what fans will get closest to seeing them come back together.

Ring of Elden is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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