Epic Pokemon Fan Art Combines Mega Alakazam With Digimon’s Wizardmon

Mystical new fan art combines Pokémon and Digimon by mixing Mega Alakazam with its digital wizard counterpart Wizardmon.

A recently combined fan Pokemon and Digimon in magical new fanart by fusing the mystical Alakazam with the noble Wizardmon. Given that these are two monster-focused franchises that debuted in the late ’90s and feature creatures with elemental powers battling each other, Pokemon and Digimon have been compared to each other quite a bit over the years – though the many fans of both are quick to attest that they are very different outside of their core concept. That hasn’t stopped said fans from combining the two in creative ways, such as forming theories that Digimon are actually Pokemon players have removed from their teams.


Although this type of connection is little more than a fun theory, the two Pokemon and Digimon share many character archetypes among their respective rosters – including a few inspired by wizards or wizards. For example, Wizardmon, who wields magic, has been featured in several Digimon video games over the years, but the best-known member of the species hails from the Digimon Adventure anime – where he helped the Digidestined locate the mysterious eighth member of their group during the series’ third story arc. by Wizardmon Pokemon his counterpart could be Generation One’s Alakazam, a psychic-type known to bend spoons with his immense power, much like real-world magic artists. Some fans have already combined Alakazam with the MCU’s resident wizard Doctor Strange, so it was only a matter of time before someone thought of reinventing him as a wizard from another famous monster franchise.

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Earlier today, a Twitter user VillamBoom posted a piece of fanart they drew at the request of one of their Patreon followers, one that combines the Mega Alakazam introduced in 2013 Pokemon X and Y with Wizardmon from Digimon celebrity. The mix is ​​simple, with Alakazam wearing Wizardmon’s dark purple cape and matching wizard’s cap and floating several spoons above his head. In the comments section, fans praised VilliamBoom for their artwork, with some even comparing the Mega Alakazam/Wizardmon hybrid with other existing Digimon like the demonic Barbamon.

Coincidentally, the two Digimon and Pokemon have new video games coming out this year. For the first, Digimon Survive Set to launch next week after being delayed from its original 2020 release date. It also promises to take the long haul Digimon franchise in a decidedly darker direction as players are tasked with navigating a parallel dimension where every choice could spell the difference between life and death. Meanwhile, Nintendo will launch the ninth generation of Pokemon this month of November with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch. Fans have already seen many of the new Pokémon that will be introduced in these games, including scarlet and purpleThe main Starter trio that each player will choose from at the start of a new game.

As dedicated fans await these promising new titles, the worlds of Pokemon and Digimon continue to collide in the form of awe-inspiring artworks like the piece recently shared by VilliamBoom. Mega Alakazam’s aged, bearded appearance pairs well with Wizardmon’s traditional wizarding attire and is another example of the magic that can be found when fans express their affection for classic games and anime from their youth. .

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Source: VilliamBoom/Twitter

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