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As the movement against R. Kelly and his alleged disturbing actions against young black women continue to grow, a Facebook page supporting the singer and apparently shaming his accusers was quickly taken down just hours after its creation.

On Monday, January 7, the page claiming to be fan-made was made public via TMZ in response to Lifetime docuseries Survive R. Kelly, produced by writer-author dream hampton. The six-part series aired last week and throughout the weekend, detailing the testimonies of emotionally, mentally and physically abused women as young as 16 facing the defamed singer.

The page appeared to have been created by so-called Kelly fans and posted photos and texts between the singer and his accusers, including Asante McGee and Faith Rodgers. McGee’s photos were uploaded with a text claiming she was working with Joycelyn Savage’s dad to extort money from Kelly.

McGee lived with Kelly for two years in his now infamous Atlanta mansion while Rodgers dated Kelly for a year. Rodgers filed a lawsuit against the singer last year after she was allegedly infected with herpes from the singer.

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The “Surviving Lies” Facebook page also included a blank GoDaddy website. In no time, the page was taken down claiming it “violated community standards.” A press release was also sent to TMZ expand on the page.

“The page violated our community standards and was deleted. We do not tolerate intimidation or sharing other people’s private contact information and take action against content that violates our policies as soon as we become aware of it.

If this tells us anything, it’s that Kelly “fans” don’t seem to take women’s claims and TMZ’s quick and weird coverage of everything about R. Kelly seriously.

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