Fan Art combines Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with My Hero Academia

Comic fan art combines characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with My Hero Academia, and it’s surprisingly accurate.


The popular manga and anime series, My hero university, and the greatest fighting game of all time, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, exist in two very different spaces. However, with My hero university just completed its 5th season, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Having just revealed his latest DLC fighter, one fan took a look at both franchises to note the similarities.

Both franchises are known for their unique cast of characters as well as the various abilities they possess to aid them in combat. For those who don’t know, My hero university follows several characters who attend a school in the hope that they can become heroes. They each have a quirk, which is basically an ability that they have in unique ways, such as super strength or the ability to fly. Although the characters of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are quite different from those of My hero university in terms of ability and personality, one fan found similarities, creatively combining multiple characters together.

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Some of the characters that the Reddit user by the name of rikiprosper managed to combine are actually pretty accurate. Besides the obvious combination of some characters like Mario and Bakugo, or Pikachu and Kaminari, rikiprosper surprises with a few other characters. Love him or hate him, one of the most hated characters to play against is probably Ness, and funny enough, he’s combined with Mineta – the most hated character in the world. My hero university. Their abilities are not the same and their personalities are not the same, but the combination still works wonderfully.

The combination of Uraraka with Kirby is also surprisingly precise. Uraraka possesses the quirk of the float, which allows her to float anyone or anything she touches. This fits in well with Kirby’s weightlessness in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which allows it to fly continuously and apparently float in the air when not actively flying. Of course, unlike Uraraka, Kirby is also able to take powers from other characters, which apparently plays into the design of the image.

Fanart is full of other unique and fun combinations that you probably wouldn’t realize make sense until you think about them more. Even if My hero university has several video games available, since it started out as a manga, the idea of ​​seeing these characters turn into a fighting game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will unfortunately have to be kept for fan creations.

For avid fans who want to see My hero university crossover with other franchises, however, several characters are included in Jump force. Unfortunately, the mixed reception of Jump force leaves the future of video games uncertain, but due to the massive appeal of My hero university, it’s possible that this series will have another crossover in the future.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available on Switch

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