Fan Art imagines the look of the MCU’s Moon Knight

A talented artist designed a concept sketch of Marvel’s Moon Knight and it would be the perfect costume for Oscar Isaac in the MCU.

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A talented artist and comic book fan designed a concept sketch of Moon knight, which will hopefully look like Oscar Isaac’s version of the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moon knight is often nicknamed “Marvel’s Batman” because he is also a vigilante who fights crime with a lot of money.

Despite the similarities between Batman and Moon Knight, there are quite a few things that separate the two. Moon Knight, Marc Spector’s alter-ego, was a former mercenary who was betrayed on his last contract assignment. He then met the Egyptian moon god, Khons (often spelled as Khonsu or Chons), and made a deal to become their avatar on Earth in order to have a second chance to come back to life.

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Moon knight will have its own Marvel Studios series on Disney Plus which will feature Isaac in the title role. There have been a few leaks about a potential villain from the series along with a rumored suit screenshot. However, for the most part the show has been kept under wraps, which is good for fans who want to get into. Moon knight fresh without spoiling anything for them.

DatrintiThe character’s take on combines comedic precision and practicality, as she was surprisingly able to capture both the look of the comics while making it look like he’s ready for battle and not a cheap cosplay. A lot of the comic book superhero costumes would generally look like Party City knockoffs if reproduced in real life, so it’s always up to the designers to make sure they keep the original look while still giving the look. feel that it may exist in today’s world, or else they run the risk of campiness. Marvel costumes are no exception.

Datrinti is also known for other renditions on their Instagram, including illustrations of DC characters such as Superman, Supergirl and Black Adam. They even did a rendition of the popular animated television series Invincible, who is expected to have two more seasons after the success of his debut.

Datrinti also has a Patreon where fans of their work can go and support each other. Discover their Patreon here as well as their Instagram, which is linked below. Datrinti promises a lot more work to come as well as their own comic book titled RIOT.

Marvel studios Moon knight is slated for release on Disney Plus in 2022.

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Source: Datrintiart / Instagram

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