Fan Art Presents Boys Actor Homelander as DC Reverse Flash

“It was me, Barry… I can do whatever I want.” From artist ApexForm, see The Boys actor Antony Starr envisioned as Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash.

Have you ever thought, “Hey, what would a combination of the two meanest villains look like?” This work of art gives fans a glimpse of what The boys‘Antony Starr Might Look Like The Reverse Flash In Flash.

Created by Apex shape, the play envisions Starr as the polar opposite of Barry Allen of Ezra Miller, the Flash. The scene depicted shows an unmasked Starr with glowing red eyes, wearing a yellow version of Miller’s Flash costume from Justice League crackling with red lightning, holding the Flash’s hood in his hand as the hero is beaten against a police car. Of course, a show like this can also be expected from Starr’s other character on The boys, Homelander (red eyes included).

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In the Amazon Prime Video series, Homelander is adored by audiences as Earth’s greatest hero. Despite this public image, the “hero” is actually a psychopath, and shoots planes out of the sky with his thermal vision, crushes a man’s skull with the palm of his hand, and much worse. For the series’ upcoming third season, showrunner Eric Kripke used the words “homicidal maniac” to describe how Homelander will be viewed by fans of the series.

With Starr’s ability to play such a twisted character in The boys, facing a character like Eobard Thawne can come naturally. The Reverse Flash exists purely for the purpose of making Barry Allen’s life miserable and full of destruction, going back in time and killing his mother, erasing childhood friends from existence and more. Towards the end of writer Joshua Williamson’s run on Flash comic series, Flash # 761 revealed Thawne was the originator of villains and anti-heroes like Hunter Zolomon and Godspeed and used his hypnotic ability to play with the Flash family and make them act like the worst versions of themselves , an example being Wally West covering the death of heroes during Heroes in Crisis.

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While Flash and Legends of tomorrow on the CW television network featured the Reverse Flash performed by both Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher, the upcoming film starring the Scarlet Speedster made no official mention of whether or not the Reverse Flash appeared. The first teaser for Flash the film debuted during DC FanDome and hinted at its Breaking point-inspired plot (a storyline that Thawne is an integral part of), although it did show a second Flash as opposed to its villainous leaf. With fan art, fans can imagine what this classic comic book rivalry could look like on the big screen.

The boys Season 3 currently does not have an official release date, but is expected to drop at some point in mid-2022. Flash will run to a theater near you on November 4, 2022.

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