Fan Art stars as Vin Diesel as Batman villain Mr. Freeze


Vin Diesel prepares to face the Bat-Family as Mr. Freeze in a fan art that imagines the Fast and Furious star in the world of The Batman.

Vin Diesel Mr Freeze Batman

Warner Bros. and DC The batman is the latest live-action take on the Caped Crusader and his universe, and it looks like this incarnation of the character will face enemies that will be relatively grounded. However, a digital artist imagined Fast and furious Star Vin Diesel as one of the most iconic and remote villains on earth in Batman’s Gallery of Thugs: Mr. Freeze.

Directed by Matt Reeves, The batman will follow Robert Pattinson as the Dark Knight in his second year of fighting crime. Based on the first trailer for The batman, Reeves opts for a tone and aesthetic similar to Christopher Nolan’s The black Knight trilogy, where Gotham City and the villains are relatively realistic compared to the overpowered, non-human enemies Caped Crusader has faced in the comics.

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Of course, future installments from Reeves’ Batman movie series could delve more into the more fantastic side of the DC Universe, which would mean that villains like Mr. Freeze could be introduced. Now a digital artist known as m.design34 unveiled a new piece that imagines Diesel as Mr. Freeze, complete with the character’s classic glass helmet and Cryo-Suit. As fans probably know, Victor Fries / M. Freeze designed the cryo-suit after a tragic lab accident lowered his body temperature to subzero levels, forcing him to wear the suit in order to stay alive. Batman: The Animated Series reimagined Mr. Freeze’s origin story in an episode that featured his terminally ill wife, Nora Fries, who Victor was keeping cryonized until he could find a cure for her illness.

Prior to this reimagining, Mr. Freeze was featured in the comics as one of Batman’s “joke” villains and was actually called Mr. Zero. The new tragic origin story of Batman: TAS gave fans a more complex take on Mr. Freeze, and it also provided a more sympathetic reason for his criminal acts, which now served as a means of funding his research. This new version of Mr. Freeze has since been incorporated into the comics and has been adapted for the character’s appearance in Joel Schumacher’s film. Batman and robin, in which he was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While Vin Diesel is best known for his badass roles in the Fast and furious and the Chronicles by Riddick movies, fans shouldn’t overlook his ability to portray a likeable Mr. Freeze. After all, Diesel broke hearts as the voice of the titular robot in The iron giant and demonstrated his skills as a dramatic actor with his role in the Steven Spielberg film Save Private Ryan.

Yet it seems that Reeves Batman the universe is sticking to grounded villains like Catwoman and the Penguin for now. Of course, the director has already confirmed The batman takes place in its own universe, separate from the rest of the DC live-action movies, so maybe Diesel could portray the Ice-Fueled Mr. Freeze in a different corner of the DC Multiverse.

The batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.

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Source: m.design34 / Instagram

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