Fan page threatens and glorifies sexual assault: actor Rima takes aim

“If Dileepettan wants it, all you feminist women will be reduced to sex clips on our phones,” a Facebook page posted.

“The feminists who have spoken out against Ettan know this best. Kerala has yet to see the real ‘citation’ (criminal contract). If Dileepettan really wants it, you will be reduced to a sex clip on men’s phones” , said a post from a Facebook page ‘Loser’s Media’, hours after Malayalam actor Dileep was released on bail two days ago.

Never mind that the actor they’re supposed to support is accused of plotting to kidnap and sexually assault an actress – and also giving instructions to film the incident. Or was it a deliberate threat, to say that this is the fate that awaits women who go against the actor they claim to be fans of?

The vitriolic Facebook page’s post was accompanied by a picture of an angry-looking Dileep, with the caption: “He’s back. Tell ’em I’m back. With more mass!”

The posting of the Loser’s Media page (oh, the irony) which claims to be run by members of Dileep’s fan club, was deemed derogatory not only by many social media users, but also forced actor Rima Kallingal to express themselves.

Slamming the page’s sexist and derogatory post, Rima took to Facebook to say the woman survivor had sent her a screenshot of the post.

“As a society, we need to tell my friend and the world that 100 people handing out candy outside of prison and copy-pasting fake profiles like cowards are not the real men in our society. This are not the men we want to be friends with, fall in love with, spend our lives with, have drinks with, celebrate with, and trust with all our hearts,” Rima said.

Rima has sought to redefine what is considered macho by the masses with her position. Saying “all men should not be ashamed for the deeds of a few”, she said women should stand with the “real men of this state”.

Along with the post, Rima used the hashtag Nallavanoppam (With the good man). While social media users had started #Avalkkoppam (with her) to show their support for the female survivor, director Laljose had recently used #Avanodoppam (with him) to show his support for Dileep.

“It’s time to save our real men from the genre that spits swear words at a woman and makes her pull a pulimurugan review and shames Mohanlal and all the real men out there.

Save them from the kind that makes Lichi “live” cry and shames Mammooty and all the real men out there.

The kind that posts a Facebook message like this and spreads the message that Dileep did indeed give the citation and is capable of so much more, when he might actually just want to reflect on his life after 85 days in jail.

Save our real men and a young generation from the belief that this is machoism and heroism. Stop them from looking like idiots because they are bludgeoned with these brainless idiots,” Rima wrote, apparently in an effort to urge men to speak out against such derogatory comments.

Edited by Ragamalika Karthikeyan

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