Fan Page wishes Nirupam Paritala aka Dr Karthik on National Doctors Day with witty message

National Doctors Day is celebrated everywhere with observers wishing society’s true heroes the occasion. However, in addition to all the doctors, there is still one on-screen doctor who receives wishes on this special day. It is none other than the fame of Karthika Deepam Nirupam Paritala aka Dr Karthik aka Doctor Babu.

A fan page on Instagram wished Nirupam aka Doctor Babu, who has never performed a single surgery in real life, a Happy Doctors Day. Nirupam also shared the post on his Instagram Stories and thanked fans for the love.

On the contrary, Doctor Babu was a renowned cardiologist in Karthika Deepam who performed several surgeries including the one that saved his daughter Sourya during her childhood. Karthik performs Sourya’s surgery in disguise near the end of the previous storyline as he struggles with poverty.

Karthik and Deepa die in a traffic accident caused by Hima’s innocence. The story took a generational leap after Sourya ran away from home out of hatred for Hima. The story now deals with Sourya alias Jwala’s hatred for Hima and the latter’s attempts to marry her to Nirupam (Maanas Nagulapalli).

Nirupam Paritala (Karthik), Premi Viswanath (Deepa), Shobha Shetty (Monitha), Baby Sahruda (Hima) and Baby Krithika (Sourya) are now busy with their respective career choices. While Nirupam, Premi and Shobha have yet to announce their next TV project, Baby Krithika and Baby Sahruda are busy with their academics. The previous storyline as well as its cast have been a cult following among fans. Nirupam’s performance as Dr. Karthik won many accolades from everyone including celebrities.

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