Fans Pay Tribute to ‘Rings of Power’ With Stunning Fan Art

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power/Amazon Prime

Love’s rendition of Middle-earth for Amazon Prime continues to flood social media, as fans share their passion for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power in every possible way.

Fan art saw a surge following the show’s culminating seventh episode, as viewers expressed their love for the show via a variety of beautifully crafted artwork. A number of fresh pieces have popped up on the web in recent weeks, with a number of uploads paying homage to the series’ heroine, Galadriel. Perhaps to fend off the characters’ many detractors, fans show her all the love for paint and pen.

She’s not the only increasingly popular topic. Rings fan art, however. The pages dedicated to the series are awash with artistic nods to many of the series’ favorite characters, from Elrond and Durin to Arondir and even Eärien. Now that the show’s first season is over, it’s being immortalized by a range of incredibly talented artists.


The character most often depicted in fan art is unquestionably Galadriel, an appropriate trend given her relevance to the series. The show follows four distinct storylines, with most episodes giving them nearly equal screen time, but Galadriel’s is one of the most important. His status as an ever-obsessed and driven soldier is a big departure from the serene and wise figure fans know from the the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but viewers are very much in favor of the younger version of the Lady of Light.

They show their love through art, in a variety of mediums. Morfydd Clark has been immortalized in ink and paint before, with his face even carved into wood by a talented fan.


Even though his presence is easily one of the series’ most beloved characters, Elrond’s fan art is incredibly rare in many rings of power forums. Perhaps this is due to people’s obsession with Robert Aramayo’s current portrayal of the character, which is fan art in its own right.


Durin has an equally bare presence in fan art, again likely due to his overwhelming on-screen popularity. His vibrant personality and deep human connections quickly made him a season one favorite, and fan art just can’t capture the glory that is the portrayal of Owain Arthur. This sketch of him and Disa comes close though.


Rounding, on the other hand, has been reinterpreted by artists many times. This may, as with Galadriel, be a reaction to the backlash against the character, or may simply be due to her popularity among the fanbase. He’s already dad goals, and we don’t even know for sure that Theo is his kid.

Secondary characters

Several additional characters, including Isildur’s sister, Eärien, also received the fan art treatment.

Even Sauron was shouted.

More gorgeous artwork will likely continue to flood the forums now that the first season is over, giving fans of the series even more enjoyment.

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