Fantastic Four Writer’s genre change suggestion made in Rad Fan Art

Fantastic Four writer Dan Slott tweeted about reed Richards gender shift and artist Rachael Stott brought him to life in rad fan art.

Acclaimed The Fantastic Four writer Dan Slott tweeted about gender shift Reed richards and artist Rachael Stott brought it to life in new fan art. The art, of which there are several separate pieces, was tweeted by Rachael on the same thread. Rachael and Dan Slott team up for Fantastic Four event Count the war, which is expected to launch in January of next year.

Dan Slott started writing Fantastic Four in 2018 with the “Fourever” arc. Prior to that, Slott was the writer of The Incredible Spider-Man on an epic run that spanned from number # 546 in 2008 to number # 801 in 2018. Rachael Stott’s credits are equally impressive for working on The Immortal Hulk, Star Wars: Adventures of the High Republic, Doctor Who, and DC Comics’ homelands. Before the official collaboration of the duo on Count the war begins, however, fans are treated to some funny illustrations of Stott in response to a question from Slott.


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Slott begins his tweet with a question: “Do you want to change something fundamental about the FF?” “ He then suggested changing the genre of Reed Richards while keeping all of the other elements of the show the same. Reed is said to still be the best friend of Ben Grimm, better known as The Thing, and is still said to be in love with Sue Storm, presumably married to her. Slott also suggested that the vanity of having Victor von Doom’s face blown by a female Reed would only amplify the tension between them. Stott drew two versions of Female Reed in response, one and one accompanied by Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman. A fan then asked Stott to draw an inverted Dr. Doom as well, which she did. This version of Dr. Doom was maskless, revealing only a slight scar on his face. Another fan also asked for an inverted invisible woman, which Stott went to hilariously posting a blank page.

Other fans were quick to jump on Reed’s bandwagon, speculating on what that would mean for the Fantastic Four and the Marvel Universe as a whole. One fan thought she would be the leader of the Reed Council while another wondered how Reed and Sue’s children, Valeria and Franklin, would fit into the picture, whether adopted or born through fertilization in vitro. Gender reverse heroes are nothing new to the comic book world. Gender-Reversed Batman Named Bryce Wayne Appeared In DC Event Metal while a female clone of Peter Parker was a major character in the Marvel Ultimate Universe.

Ironically, as the author of The Fantastic Four, no one is better placed to make a woman Reed richards a reality more than Dan Slott, the man who suggested it.

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