FIFA officials in the Bay Area to visit possible venues for 2026 World Cup matches


The love party between the Bay Area World Cup host committee and FIFA members kicked off on a level playing field on Friday, as it appeared at a press conference in San Francisco.

“The presentation demonstrated the strong experience of organizing events. And it was very obvious,” said a World Cup official.

The ultimate goal for the region and football fans is to have a place to see international football in person in the Bay Area during the 2026 World Cup.

“For any football fan, the World Cup is something you look forward to every four years. And you are so excited to watch it,” said Tommy Thompson, right-back for the San Jose Earthquakes.

The United States, Mexico and Canada – forming the very first triumvirate of countries, vying to host the international competition.

“This is an incredible opportunity for the whole region. We have had incredible events in the past like the Super Bowl. But the World Cub is like having half a dozen Super Bowls in an entire month,” the mayor said. from San Jose, Sam. Liccardo said ahead of Friday’s press conference.

FIFA, the governing body of international football, will select a total of 16 cities to host the matches. But 22 cities are fighting for honor.

“Every city has accommodation, airports, transport networks, stadiums,” said Colin Smith, FIFA’s competitions and events manager. “We also take into consideration the climate, the geography and movement of the teams, the time zone.”

Over the weekend, business leaders from the San Francisco 49ers and companies like Airbnb, Google and Salesforce will roll out the red carpet for FIFA officials at Levi’s Stadium, a potential venue.

Other sites, such as the San Jose Earthquake Facility, could serve as training sites.

A good impression could lead to a good economic recovery for the whole region.

“In places where there has been a good usage plan and which has taken advantage of existing infrastructure, these have fared much better,” said Jason Chung, assistant professor of sports management at the University of New Haven.

The list of 22 will not be reduced to 16 until the first quarter of 2022.

So the officials’ peach pitch is on, to show why the world of football would be better off in the hands of the Bay Area.

“Playing it in front of your fans at home in the United States would be amazing,” said Thompson.

Other US cities considered to host World Cup games are Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, DC

On Saturday, FIFA members will come to Levi’s Stadium to examine not only the pitch, but also the changing rooms and broadcast facilities, to see how these spaces are being used and can be used during a World Cup match.


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