Final Fantasy VII Fan Art Gives Cloud a Moody Dark Souls 3 Makeover

A fascinating piece of Final Fantasy VII fan art imagines a reality where protagonist Cloud is thrown into the dark world of Dark Souls 3.

A cranky fan art imagines a reality where Final fantasy vii the hero Cloud tries to survive the brutal world of Dark Souls 3.

The stunning piece, illustrated by artist @ IsNino66, depicts Cloud, equipped with his iconic Buster sword, drawn in the style of the Dark Souls 3the art of the box. His armor has been adapted to fit the fantastical setting of FromSoftware’s beloved RPG franchise, but various elements like his unique epaulet are still recognizable. Mimicking the pose of the Ashen One, Cloud stares at the camera, letting a handful of ashes slip through his fingers. His cloak sports a collection of burns and burns as Anor Londo’s arrows are seen in the background.

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@ IsNino66 is a talented artist working in Paris, France. Their ArtStation The page states that they specialize in concept art and illustration, as evidenced by a quick glance at their extensive portfolio.

If a character from Final fantasy vii would survive in Lothric’s world, it would probably be Cloud. Players take on the role of the cold-blooded mercenary in Square’s beloved RPG as he finds himself embroiled in a plan to destroy an evil society known as Shinra. As the game’s story unfolds, Cloud comes to appreciate and love the motley group of friends around him as he confronts his dark past as a creation of SOLDIER.

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Final fantasy vii was originally released on PlayStation One in 1997. Square’s turn-based role-playing game, which mixes elements of the dieselpunk and cyberpunk aesthetic, immediately gained a dedicated fan base for its sleek graphics and gripping storytelling. The game featured a cast of lovable characters backed by deep writing and a combat system that made full use of the original PlayStation hardware. A core remake was finally released in 2020 for the PlayStation 4, receiving similar levels of praise for its complete reinvention of the game’s mechanics and history. Final Fantasy VII Remake was recently launched for PC via the Epic Games Store.

As for Dark Souls 3, FromSoftware’s conclusion to its iconic and influential action-RPG series received similar levels of praise. The franchise is widely known for its oppressive atmosphere and punitive combat, forcing players to study and learn enemy patterns rather than rushing blindly. The notoriously difficult game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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