Ghost Rider Combines With Buzz Lightyear In Surprisingly Awesome Fan Art


Illustrator Drew Moss has revealed some fan art that combines Marvel’s Ghost Rider with Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear, and it’s way cooler than it should be.

There are many versions of Marvel’s flame skull Ghost rider, with different iterations straddling everything from motorcycles to woolly mammoths, but a new fan art piece imagines the spirit of vengeance merging with Toy storyIt’s Buzz Lightyear, and it’s surprisingly epic.

While Johnny Blaze was the first Ghost Rider in Marvel Comics, there have been plenty since then, and the character’s story has been extended to the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC. Thanks in large part to Jason Aaron’s run with the character, a long line of Ghost Riders has appeared in Marvel comics, from the fiery Shark Rider (exactly what it looks like), to the Cosmic Ghost Rider (the Frank Castle, aka. Punisher, from a Desolate Future), to the Ghost Rider riding a Hyborian Age spider (first encountered by Conan the Barbarian thanks to Marvel’s acquisition of the license for the literary character’s comedic appearances.) There are several Ghost Riders currently active in the Marvel Universe, but the most heroic one is Robbie Reyes, who even managed to ride a Celestial to the height of his might.

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But while Ghost Rider has been in space many times and has the power to make a difference even on a cosmic level, this is not the astronaut part of Drawn foamThe art (shared on Twitter) that is so surprising is that Ghost Rider is apparently a toy. A Virginia-based illustrator who has worked with IDW, Dark Horse, Oni Press, and Image Comics on projects such as Copperhead, The Crow, and blood feud, Drew recently shared the image with the comment, “To infinity and beyond” – a slightly more threatening phrase when the character says he’s on a relentless quest for brutal supernatural justice.

Of course, it’s possible that this Buzz Lightyear is actually the star of the upcoming 2022 film. Light year, in which Buzz is apparently an actual astronaut (voiced by Chris Evans) whose adventures continue to inspire toy fans know from Toy story franchise (where Buzz is voiced by Tim Allen.) It makes sense that a real astronaut could have enough trouble to have to make a deal with a devil like Mephisto, although if a toy can actually be linked to a demon like Zarathos, this could be a missing piece in the famous ‘Pixar Theory’, which attempts to bring all of the studio’s films together into one narrative. In theory, toys are alive thanks to their ability to siphon emotional energy from humans – something that would actually be fairly easy for a Ghost Rider to do while they claim the souls of the bad guys.

Complete with a cracked helmet and a floating skull, the Ghost rider/Buzz Lightning the combination would be terrifying either way, even though the art itself shows Drew Moss’s skill set, as well as the truly awe-inspiring ability to shatter two completely unrelated pieces of pop culture into something so surprisingly awesome.

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Source: @drew_moss

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