Harry Potter: 5 Voldemort / Tom Riddle fanfictions that we bookmarked in our browser


Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts was also a throwback to a host of memories for many. Many adults of this generation grew up reading books or watching movies. It was almost as if we were living the time with Harry and fighting the Dark Lord by his side. The books date from a time when there was no social media elsewhere and yet it’s still so enchanting. It’s magic, the pun is totally wanted here. Books have also given wings to people’s imaginations. To this day, several fanfictions emerge from the characters in this universe. Some couples, in case of romantic fanfic, are quite shocking while others make you melt. Since Voldemort is all the rage today, we thought we’d tell you about five fanfictions around him that are definitely intriguing. Harry Potter 20th Anniversary – Return to Hogwarts Review: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint come together for a special that’s part of nostalgia and monotony.

Most of these fanfictions aim to minimize the damage before it even starts to manifest. Or in other words, help Tom Riddle not to walk the dark path of power at the source. Often times people have commented on how lucky Harry was, because despite being an orphan and being brutally treated by the Dursleys, he still had a home. Riddle was the result of a love potion and was abandoned when the curse wore off. He felt unwanted for most of his existence as a child, which further fueled his darkness.

Last Lord of the Sun

When Albus Dumbledore meets Tom at Wool’s Orphanage and proudly watches him repeat his achievements which are not bordering on evil, he decides to guide the child rather than abandon him. The motive was to get him away from the dark path. You can read the fanfiction here.

If these are the rules

The war left a deep mark on Harry Potter. When he can’t take it anymore, he travels back in time to raise Tom Riddle the right way. While the intention is new, the project may not be as Tom isn’t partnering up with Love Or Family either. The fanfiction explores the mental trauma and issues Tom went through as a child and Harry’s job as a caregiver. Dumbledore often said that love is a powerful potion, read the fanfiction here to find out if this is correct.

Benefits of old laws

When Voldemort returns to a body, he’s much more calm and calculating than the abrasive, aggressive version we know from the books. He uses the old laws to get what he wants, which makes things difficult for Harry Potter. The reason is, how do you fight an evil that doesn’t play out the way it should? What is exceptional about this fanfic is that Voldemort is a savage still thirsty for power but he skillfully plays his cards! Read it here.

Exitus Acta Probat

One of the most interesting stories for Tom Riddle is his association with Hermoine Granger. There are many time travel stories where Hermoine is taken back in time, sometimes unwittingly, and she faces the intimidating young Riddle at Hogwarts. It’s a very well written fanfic and worth a read. Check it out here. Emma Watson remembers wanting to leave the Harry Potter franchise and said “I think I was scared”.

The root of all evil is love

What we love most about this world of Harry Potter fanfiction is that it’s so rich in diversity. There are romantic couples of characters that you wouldn’t even dream of and a Tom Riddle-Harry Potter might qualify for that. Known to fans and Tomarry alike, this particular fiction threw Harry into the past and under the influence of a love potion. A well-written fic, which only gets better with each turn of the page. It’s unstoppable but we’re not a fan of the ending though. Read it here.

We’re sure there must be more of such interesting fanfics. Share your list.

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