Haunting BioShock Fan Art Captures A Painful Goodbye

A final moment between one of BioShock’s iconic little sisters and her big daddy is captured in an illustration by a creative fan artist.

The image of a towering Big Daddy standing menacingly in the blanket of BioShock is a memorable motif that marked many fans of the series. These monstrous monsters are an intimidating sight for gamers, but a piece of fan art shows there’s more to Big Daddies than ion lasers and heavy drills.

Artist Huusenuri posted a creative work on Deviantart of a Little Sister in her characteristic dress, watching over the decimated remains of a Grandpa. Huusenuri wrote “a favorite game” to accompany the play. The artwork attracts both the attention and praise of BioShockis still a thriving community of followers. Many commentators expressed amazement at the play’s attention to detail, while others recalled the character dynamics of the Big Daddies and Little Sisters.

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BioShock fan art of a little sister and her big daddy.

Entitled “Goodbye”, the design was originally published in November 2012. The tradition behind the Big Dads and Little Sisters only serves to accentuate the meaning of the illustration. A Big Daddy is a juggernaut tasked with protecting their bound little sisters, whom they are mentally conditioned to see as a girl. Big Daddies are genetically modified humans who are completely grafted into their equipment, from their skin to their organs. Rather than a costume worn on the body, the two are combined in an amalgamation of flesh and machine.

For gamers looking for more fan artwork, Twitter user @GameonFocus created the artwork for another parent-child duo – Kratos and Atreus – with animation of God of War: Ragnarok’s key art. Comic book artist Mark Brooks can also be seen showing off his own skills with a sketch of the Dimitrescu family from Resident Evil Village.

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As for fans of the original BioShock who want to take control of a Big Daddy for themselves, Biochoc 2 is a direct sequence which allows players to take on the role of a Big Daddy, Alpha Series Subject Delta. Separated from his little sister Eleanor, Subject Delta must make his way through the underwater metropolis of Rapture in order to save her from a group known as the “Rapture Family”.

Biochoc 2 is available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. BioShock: the collection, which is a remastered compilation of all three games in the franchise, is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Deviantart

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