‘Hawkeye’ star Vincent D’Onofrio shares epic Kingpin fan art

Image via Marvel

After weeks of speculation and anticipation, Marvel’s Hawk Eye finally confirmed in episode five of this week that Vincent D’Onofrio is officially returning to the MCU as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin, last seen in Netflix’s much missed daredevil. D’Onofrio himself had previously denied anything online, but now that the cat is out of the bag, he’s reveling in fans’ excitement for his big social media comeback.

On the one hand, he retweeted epic fan artwork that highlighted Kingpin’s return in Hawk Eye. From @uzuriartonline, the play features Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton in his Ronin costume surrounded by some of the show’s main cast. Including Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova, Alaqua Cox’s Echo and, hovering over them all, is the kingpin of crime. D’Onofrio shared the creation on his own feed and wrote “That’s cool”. Fisk always liked a good work of art.

Ever since we got a glimpse of Maya Lopez’s familiar uncle form in Episode Three, fans have been waiting for Kingpin to show up and prove himself to be the true boss of the Tracksuit Mafia. Sure enough, episode five ended with sending Kate a damning photo of Yelena, which showed her mother (Vera Farmiga) meeting Wilson Fisk, whom Clint confirmed to be the man on top of whom he was. worried all this time.

Hopefully D’Onofrio actually gets some proper screen time in next week’s finale, but either way, that’s clearly just the beginning of Fisk’s impact on the wider MCU. We expect him to appear in Cox’s next film. Echo spinoff series, which will undoubtedly delve deeper into the family bond between the two characters. Additionally, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is also likely to go through the show.

Do not miss Hawk Eye as it ends with its sixth episode next Wednesday December 22 on Disney Plus.

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