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About 16 years after the release of the third version, the new addition to the franchise, Age of Empires 4, is finally available to fans. There are a lot of expectations Relic Entertainment has to fulfill to keep old players happy. Fortunately, it did a decent job of maintaining the legacy mechanics with new features.

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One of those old mechanics is the Wonder Victory. Same exercise as before, players can achieve this by defending a wonder for a defined period of time. Besides Wonders, Sacred Sites is another building that brings more diversity to the game’s strategy.


How to capture sacred sites in Age of Empires 4

Monk capturing the sacred site

To capture a Sacred site, players must wait until the Age of the castle. Then simply target him with a religious unit recruited from the Monasteries:

  • Monk (English, French, Chinese)
  • Prelate (Holy Roman Empire)
  • Shaman (Mongols)
  • Warrior monk (Rus)
  • Learned (Delhi Sultanate)
  • Imam (Abbasid dynasty)

Troops neutralizing the sacred site

Capturing at least one Holy Site will generate Continuous Gold for the capturing player. However, this buff can be neutralized if an enemy places a troop inside the site boundary for a few seconds. Meanwhile, capturing the three sacred sites and defending them for ten minutes grants an automatic victory in Age of Empires 4. Therefore, players are forced to attack and exit their bases to ensure that the enemy is not in possession of all holy sites.

When it comes to recruiting religious units, it should be noted that some civilizations have different strategies for using them. Here are some examples.

Delhi Sultanate

Elephants of the Delhi Sultanate

Delhi Sultanate May Build Mosque In First Dark period. This building can produce Scholars, an important unit for the faction.

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After researching and improving a technology called Holiness, players can capture a sacred site without having to reach the age of the castle. All Delhi tech is free, so it doesn’t require any preparation to upgrade.


Kremlin monument from Age Of Empires 4

Rus’ warrior monks are incredibly useful on the battlefield, as they can both heal and fight. Unlike typical religious units, they ride horses, so they can reach target areas faster. They can also provide a buff to their allied troops while fighting with them while healing them.

To start the Age of the Castle, players can choose a specific religious monument, Abbey of the Trinity. It contains useful technologies that will further enhance the abilities of the Warrior Monk.

Holy Roman Empire

HRE Landmark from Age Of Empires 4

The religious unit of the Holy Roman Empire, the Prelate, can be recruited at the start of the game without building a Monastery. But, unlike the Delhi Sultanate, the The Romans cannot take control of sacred sites until the age of the castle. However, they can still deploy religious units faster than other factions.

Age of Empires 4 was released on October 28, 2021 and is currently available on PC.

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