How to create a successful Portuguese football fan page on Instagram?

Instagram is an ever-evolving platform that now has around 2 billion active users. There are many themed accounts on the site, ranging from expert accounts to fan accounts. Especially popular pages dedicated to various sports.

Portuguese football is no exception. If you follow the matches, know who Rui Costa is and can share interesting facts about Luis Figo, then you can definitely create a successful fan account which will be popular among football fans.

But to gain community support and achieve the desired result, it is not enough to publish interesting articles. Yes it’s important. However, the main objective is that these publications are presented to a large number of users. What should be done for this and how to consolidate its position on the site? We will tell you in this text.

5 steps to create a great fan page:

1. Determine the subject of the story. Before you start filling out the required fields (more on that later), you need to know exactly what your posts will be about. You can choose a specific athlete or talk about Portuguese football in general. But you need to decide in advance what words you will use when filling your account.

2. Fill in the information fields. The first thing page visitors pay attention to is the name, BIO, and description. You need to pay special attention to this step. After choosing the topic, come up with a memorable and telling name – it should be short for easy research. In the BIO, write “Portuguese football fans” or the name of the football player you are dedicating the account to. Write a few words in the description, it is advisable to indicate that this is a fan page, so as not to mislead the user.

3. Build a viewer base. Information fields are not the only elements to which users pay particular attention. To make your page more presentable and attractive to people, you can use paid services. Taking the opportunity to buy real instagram followers, you’ll save a lot of time that you can spend on creating cool content. Among other things, you significantly increase the activity on the page, which has a positive effect on the statistics of the profile, raising it to the top.

4. Post your first publications. When everything is ready for the first fans to appear, you can start posting content. Starting with an introduction and saying what your page is about is always a good option. Pick an appropriate photo or video, create an engaging caption, and tag the football team (or athlete) that will be featured. Before clicking the “publish” button, do not forget to write a few thematic tags, about 5-7 pieces. This will help you make posts more visible.

5. Communicate with subscribers. If you did everything right and have already published several posts, users have probably started commenting on your content. This way they show their support and show their interest. We advise you to monitor the appearance of new comments and try to respond to each of them. Create a friendly atmosphere and establish yourself as a potential friend, this will encourage users to subscribe to the page and stay with you for a long time. Good luck!

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